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Traveling to Iran from USA1

Traveling to Iran from USA2

Traveling to Iran from USA

American tourists’ travel to Iran is not forbidden or stopped and Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not changes their policy in giving visa to the American tourists. The number of tourists who have visited Iran throughout this year is not less than the last year and it is even increasing. In spite of all the threats and everything that the American government has done which goes against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not done anything forbidding the American tourists travel to Iran and they are continuing the same policy as they had before.

Up to now, none of the agencies’ requests to send American tourists to Iran have been rejected. Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has always given a positive answer to their requests, of course after investigating their documents through an unavoidable process and there has been no negative reaction on the side of Iranians with regard to the topic. The Americans’ travel to Iran has not been stopped and American citizens can easily travel to Iran. It has become a time-consuming process to give a visa to American citizens to come to Iran but this does not mean that they are preventing them from entering into the country.