How to get to kish island?

kish island

How to get to kish island?



Kish Island is one of Persian Gulf islands and from dependencies of Kish part in Iran south.

The shape of this islet is like oval and has been located in 12 kilometer of Shib kooh shore.

This isle area is 91,5 km2 and attracts to itself 1,000,000 tourists yearly. From point of view of climate, the best time is early December month to late of May month for travel to free zone Kish Island. weather Kish island has very fine in these months.







Of course for diving and sea enthusiasts, Kish islet is counted an area of four seasons. In fact, you can use beautiful Kish Sea in four seasons of a year. Tourists can arrive at beautiful Kish Isle from different ways that has been mentioned in enjambment.

  • By Plane: Trip to kish

How to get to kish island: by plan

International Kish airport is only Kish island airport. Tehran flight to Kish is about an hour and a half and usually contains light meal.

  • By Train: Travel to kish iran

how to get to kish island: by train

End of line leading to Kish Isle by train is only Bandar Abbas city and after that, you can travel to Kish Islet by automobile (indirect) or plane.

  • By Automobile(go to kish islet)

how to get to kish island: by Automobil

You can enter Kish Islet by travel to one of Lengeh, Aftab or Charak Bandar’s (ports) via sea and also transfer your personal automobile to Kish Island.

  • By Ship:Travel to kish isle

how to get to kish island: by ship

You can travel to Kish Island in the form of passenger by cargo ships or passenger ferries.

  • Turning in Kish Island

turning kish islet

For turning in beautiful Kish isle, you can have several hours tours around the island by minibus or you can visit places of this island by personal (rental) cars that there is in this island.

Of course, also you can visit this beautiful island by taxi that is very excellent but it’s very expensive. Also you can drive by your personal car in this island that transition cost of your motor car to this island is not very high. Meanwhile, you should observe the following rules:

1) Blowing the horn is forbidden.

2) Fastening belt is compulsory for the whole passengers.

3) Priority is always with passerby.

4) In this islet kish, there isn’t traffic light and square has been used instead of it. You should know that  priority in these squares is always with some one that is turning around in the square.