how to travel to iran

how to travel to iran

Did you decide and select Iran as aim of your travel? This is perfect and be sure that the most exciting experiences will expected you, now that is agreed that you travel to Iran

How to travel to Iran

Did you decide and select Iran as aim of your travel? This is perfect and be sure that the most exciting experiences will expected you, now that is agreed  that you travel to Iran, consider that in total, Iran is counted one of the cheapest travel aims and also this issue is true about transportation expenses to Iran. Also you should pay attention that your transportation to Iran has direct relation to company level of presenting transportation services, travel origin and also your travel time. Evidently, whatever you are further than Iran, you will pay more expense on account of ticket.

Travel to Iran by plane

Travel to Iran by plane is the most customary method that tourists select it for arriving at Iran. Decreasing travel time and also more welfare and peace of  aviation’s services users are including reasons that have been caused that aviation travels are popular and are located as the first tourists selection. Often people purchase Iran tour package, come to Iran by plane. Depending to their travel time and a plan that tour manager has prepared for them, it is possible that travel in Iran with internal travels from a city to other city and (or) enjoy other kinds of customary transportation’s in Iran. For people that don’t want to use.

Iran tour services and prefer that come to Iran alone, it is necessary to explain that there is an airport almost in all cities of Iran, some of these international airports and there is possibility of direct travel to them without first you arrive at Tehran, capital of Iran. Regarding that external flights of these airports are limited both view point of number, travel origin and also flight time are limited, and we don’t suggest such a possibility for you. Our suggestion for you is use of international Imam Khmeini airport. Travel to Iran directly and regulate your travel plan from Iran capital. Preference of selecting international Imam Khmeini airport is having more selection right for use of different airlines and also your time and date.

Expenses of travel to Iran by plane

For people that buy tour package for travel to Iran, ticket expense is counted on package that has purchased. People that is agreed that travel to Iran alone, should know that each airline presents different rate for air travel to Iran. Also consider that your travel origin namely city that is agreed (that) come to Iran from there is also effective in determining ticket expense to Iran. Whatever you are further from the view point of geographical. You should pay much money. Also if more extent standard that your considered aviation has considered accompany of traveler as weigh for suitcase, bring cargo with yourself, you should pay expense as fine of excess luggage that is current in all of the world and your flights and is not special for Iran. When collective and universal tendency is high for example Christmas holidays and also New Year in Iran, you should pay more expense on account of ticket.

It is important (that)you know that for economy in expense، our suggestion to you is buying round-trip ticket to Iran, namely  it is better time to determine your return time before start of travel and then prepare round-trip ticket of Iran. In this case, to much extent, you will save your expenses. There are many sites that sell online ticket. It’s enough to declare your flight date to site to present different flights to you with different prices to have the most ideal selection regarding to your conditions.

Road travel to Iran

Travel to Iran via road and vehicle is allocated tourists highly that spend in neighboring countries. Also people that have backpack and tourists cyclists, often travel to Iran from this way. Subjects of all countries that are counted cancel of visa by Iran via fundamentals of Iran boundaries, can travel to this country with having documents obtain their identity. For more information from rules of travel to Iran without having visa, you can refer tourist Iran visa page. In spite of most of the world tourists, expense of bus and taxi ticket in Iran is not only expensive but is counted the cheapest in the most of the world. For example if you arrive at Iran Mehran boundary, often Iraqi tourists arrive at Iran via ground and road boundaries and with the purpose of pilgrimage.

Travel to Iran by Train

You don’t have many choices for travel to Iran via railway from some of neighboring can be traveled to Iran via international trains. Usually rail travels are used for the group of people that that have prohibition and(or) restriction of using plane. So if you don’t have remedy except use of train and railway, yiu can reach yourself to the areas that have rail intercourse with Iran and arrive at Iran via these fundamentals. This way takes a lot of time but perhaps is the best option for choice regarding to your condition and talent.

From Izmir, Ankara, Van and Istanbul cities in Turkey can be arrived at Iran by train. From Iran to Syria and also vice versa to several years ago, trains were moving that for the reason of this country crises use of rail ways between Iran and Syria has stopped. Also from Nakhchivan can be arrived at Iran by train. Nakhchivan train goes to Mashhad directly. Between Iran and Baku trains are also in traffic.

Being cheap of travel to Iran via rail ways and also having beautiful views is one of a reason that some of people prefer to use it for their travel to Iran. Also train traffics from Kuwait to Ahvaz. Consider that movement of these trains is made only in limited number from days of the month that this issue warns need to planning from several times before travels. Rail way of north to south of Iran has universal fame with historic bridge of Veresk and in the Second World War has played a role indirectly. Also perhaps is attractive for you that if you know stations of  Savadkuh, Gadook, Dogol, Veresk, Sorkhabad, Tir tash and Mirjaveh have recorded in  the list of Iran  international traces.

Travel to Iran by ship

You don’t have many options for voyage to Iran. You can travel to Iran only from some of countries and paths. Between Iran (Bushehr port) and Kuwait, ship traffics. Also you can reach yourself to free Qeshm area by ship. Ship traffics from Muscat to Chabahar port too. Expense of these travels is not possible inside Iran and there is a simple reason. Iran doesn’t have navigable rivers.