Iran beaches: 15 of the best beaches in Iran for families and tourists(with Photo local beaches+2020)

Iran beaches

Iran beaches north and the Iran Island beaches in south are the best



iran beaches



Iran beaches north and the Iran beach in south are the most beautiful beaches in iran   and  best beaches in  iran and world.

iranian beaches are located in different provinces and islands. Beautiful sandy beaches are in shomal iran and in the south.

Nevertheless, on some beaches in Iran, have achieved the best of its highest quality, attracting tourists and travelers.

In this article, we will look at the most beautiful Iran beaches from the Caspian Sea beaches to the Iran Persian Gulf and the local beaches we will determine the beaches for you, to get acquainted with the most beautiful Iranian beaches.






Marjan Beach of Kish (Coral Beach)

Kish Island beach Iran is one of the wider beaches in the world and is considered one of the most beautiful iran beaches.

In the world, less coastal can be found, which can be used to the extent of the kish beach Iran, and travelers can relax in peace and away from the charm of famous and crowded beaches.

Iran beaches2019: Kish Island Coral Beach

Except for the clean Iran Persian Gulf, which is very enjoyable to swim in and even watch it, the Kish land has a brilliant shine underneath the sun with its coral reef and the color of the sun.

While many beaches in the world, such as the Caspian Sea Beaches iran, having gray sandy beaches do not have this beauty.

Iran beaches 2019: Kish Island Coral Beach

Marjan beach is one of the most beautiful Iran beaches and the best Iran island beaches and the beaches of kish located east of the island.

This sandy beach is covered with golden sand and you will find plenty of opportunities for a quiet walk by going to the palm trees.

Iran beaches 2019: Kish Island Coral Beach

You can also go surfing or hire a boat, and enjoy seeing and exploring this crystal clear sea. On this beach, corals get to the beach after dying like a sponge rock.

If someone like ton collects rock and shell collections, Coral Coast is probably a better choice for him.

The pavilions and attractive landscaping of this beach park have provided the visitors with an opportunity to visit the sea and the beautiful landscapes of the surrounding area, regardless of the rush of the market, and during their stay on the island of Kish on these Iran beaches have a very clear, crisp beach.

Iran beaches 2019: Kish Island Coral Beach

In addition, watching the sunrise from this park is an unforgettable memory. The Kish cycling road also passes through this beautiful beach.

On this sandy beach(marjan beach), there is also a maritime entertainment center for visitors. There is also a small pier on the beach, which leads you through the beautiful waters of these beautiful coral beaches.

Iran beaches 2019: Kish Island Coral Beach

Among the corals of this sandy beach, there are many fish in the island of Kish, easily visible from the waterfront. This part of the beach is not suitable for swimming due to the presence of corals, which causes body wounds.

Marjan beach Kish iran, also known as Hafezieh beach, is one of the most popular Iran beach. The beaches in iran are sandy and rocky and the marjan beach is one of the rocky beaches.

The presence of corals has made this iran beach one of the most popular Iranian beaches among tourists. The presence of corals on the beaches of iran makes the sea very transparent so that you can easily see sea fishes, which are a variety of fish species.

Fungal stone on coral beach

Of course, the seawater’s transparency in Kish is not very special, what makes this iran beach more famous for its beauty is the variety of mussels, snails, sea anemones, jelly fishes and various ornamental fish in the sea.

Best beach in Iran and its features (coral or marjan beach)

  • Beautiful and vast green space
  • Blue Waters
  • Silver and transparent beach
  • Bright and scorching sun
  • Coral Market
  • The existence of a Greek sailing ship Attractive landscaping
  • Beautiful natural landscape
  • Summerhouse
  • Aqua Recreational Facilities
  • Beautiful dock

A rock carved on the coral beach

Marine & recreational Facilities in marjan beach iran

  • Cycling Road
  • Boat riding
  • Paracell
  • Jet Ski
  • Kite riding
  • Diving
  • Shuttle
  • Banana Riding
  • Flight board
  • Scooter
  • Paddle board
  • Children’s play equipment

Clear and clear water on the coral coast where the fish are known

Marjan iran beach facilities

  • W.C
  • Buffet
  • Restaurant
  • Residence
  • Network coverage

Diving in the waters of the Coral Coast and by the sea coral

Information about Coral (marjan) beach in iran

  • The barbecue is available on the marjan beach iran it is possible to make kebab.
  • The marjan brach in iran is not suitable for swimming because of the presence of corals that cause body injuries.
  • Behind the marjan beach iran is the marjan market of kish.
  • The marjan beach is full of buffets, cafes and restaurants with local and seafood dishes and more.
  • Private cars, taxis, etc. can be reached as close as the marjan beach and you have no problems commuting.
  • There are professional photographers on the marjan iran beach
  • The waters of these beaches in Iran are safe, these beaches lack dangerous sharks, at times there may be sharks, but they are also endangered by only small fish. They feed and do no harm to humans.
  • Feeding on ornamental fish is available at the marjan beach.

Brown huts on the shore of Coral

Facts of coral on the best beach in iran(marjan beach)

  • The coral of the iran beach, especially the marjan beach, provides oxygen to the water and makes it transparent.
  • Beaches in iran cover only 1% of the seabed. The beaches of iran preserve 25% of all marine life.
  • Many species of fish live in coral reefs on the beaches Iran.
  • Each of the beaches of iran is a complete ecosystem.
  • These coral reefs of this iran beach are home to 500 species of fish.
  • More than 80,000 vital species live in beaches in iran.
  • Corals partially protect the beaches of iran and the droughts (versus to waves and erosion).
  • Corals are the largest natural attraction on Kish beach Iran, covering 10% of the total tourist industry in the world.
  • Corals are used to produce anticancer drugs and for bone grafting.
  • Corals beaches in iran, besides food, are a place for marine life.
  • Corals are one of the oldest ecosystems on earth and the youngest corals are 18,000 years old.
  • Corals are a species of animal that is neither plant nor animal but is called a mineral, composed of a substance called zooxanthila.
  • The reason for the clear and clear water on this iran beach is due to the presence of these corals that are responsible for the oxygenation of water and provide this need.

the seawater's transparency in Kish is not very special

Tips to Prevent the Destruction of beaches in iran (marjan beach)

  • Avoid touching corals on the marjan beach iran.
  • Avoid breaking or destroying corals on the iran beach.
  • Avoid boating on coral iran beach (marjan beach).
  • Do not fishing on the Iranian beaches that are coral.
  • During diving, put your equipment in the right place to prevent it from being touched by corals of Kish beach iran.
  • Beaches in iran are highly susceptible to environmental fluctuations, especially salinity, water transparency, dissolved oxygen, and temperature. It quickly destroys the ecosystem.

Photo of coral beach next to a tree with red flowers

How to get to marjan beach?

You can easily reach the marjan iran beach by taxi, almost all Kish taxi drivers know the marjan beach, so you will have no difficulty reaching the marjan beach.

A dummy made of metal next to the marjan beach

Best time to visit kish marjan beach iran

Mid-November to late April (late fall and winter)

Marjan beach address

Hormozgan Province, Kish Island, Marjan square, Marjan Beach

Kolbeh hoor beach

Among all the beaches in iran and one of the most popular Kish beach iran is kolbeh hoor beach. Hoot Hut beach, one of Kish Island’s tourist attractions, provides a beautiful atmosphere with the sound of the sea waves and the relaxing silence especially at night.

Kish beach iran is one of the most visited attractions of Kish Island which has attracted many tourists and tourists of Kish tour. Located at the foreland in the most western part of Kish Island, has another Iran beaches a rocky coastline.

Iran beaches 2019: Kolbeh hoor beach

The area also features a lantern that looks special and elegant at night. In addition, the mushroom rock on the Kish beach Iran, which has been mushroom-shaped, is a coastal attraction in Kish and near the Kolbeh hour. 

Features of kolbeh Hoor beach

The bed of this Beach iran is a rocky beach. The clear waters and all kinds of fish, mussels and turtles on this iran beach make it a natural aquarium, and those interested in the underwater world can easily find a variety of aquatic, turtle, See mussels and corals in the water and enjoy the pristine surroundings of the kolbeh Hoor beach of kish.

Iran beaches 2019: Kolbeh hoor beach

The other landscape of this beach iran is the mountains of south of Hormozgan province and the facilities and buildings of Chark and Aftab port.

Naming the beach Kolbeh Hoor kish iran

Hoor means a space between two cliffs where the seawater rests. It is a beautiful rocky area located on the westernmost tip of the island of Kish and in the past used to be a hut for fishermen to rest on, making the natives of this area. Call the place kolbeh Hoor. Visitors to the island of Kish always visit the iran beach.

Hoor Hut beach of kish iran facilities

The beaches in iran have different possibilities. Some of the features of this Kish beach iran include:

  • Summerhouses with electric charge
  • Barbecue
  • Great spotlights at night
  • Place for tent
  • W.C
  • Places for drink water
  • Parking
  • Trash bin
  • Dining room
  • Chairs and benches
  • Buffet
  • Network coverage

Recreation Facilities on kolbeh Hoor beach of Kish Island

Excellent amenities for tourists and tourists on this iran beach including:

Diving on Kish Beach Iran

On the south shore of the Hoor, which is the point of entry and exit to the nose, is the diving site of the kolbeh Hoor beach. If we are in the water for diving we should know that the depth of the diving site is increased from north to south.

When we reach the northernmost point, we become overwhelmed; we’re at an eight-foot-deep sea, with fish and turtles going round and round, and there’s something else to swim with.

Horse riding at kolbeh Hoor beach

Basically horse riding on the iran beach, whether sandy or rocky, with water droplets thrown around and cool sea breeze, is one of the recreations on the beaches, including the iran beaches. It is performed by kolbeh Hoor beach and has many fans.

Grounded ship on the shore of the kolbeh Hoor Beach of Kish Island

Kish has long been a place of contact with other countries in the world through water trading by ship. In addition, the sea has also made the livelihoods of the people of the area the same by fishing boats and ships.

For this reason, the presence of mud boats in Kish is a phenomenon that has become a spectacular attraction on these iran beaches.

Hoor fishing boat also grounded at the Kish beach Iran about 200 meters ago about 10 years ago and now with its beautiful lighting it has doubled the attractiveness of kolbeh Hoor beach in Kish night tours.

Cave at Kolbeh Hoor Beach of Kish Island

One of the attractions that tourists can visit on the kolbeh Hoor beach is the Cave of Hoor. On the south shore, which is the entrance to and exit of the Horse’s Nose, there is a small cave 5 feet long that crosses it. It will be very enjoyable when in full tide.

Kolbeh Hoor beach fishing

This iran beach is an ideal fishing area. Many aquatic species such as grouper, redhead, stony, mussels and turtles are abundant on this beach iran.

Therefore, many fishing enthusiasts come to Kish beach iran on days when the sea is calm and there is no wind. So if you’re interested in fishing, pack your fishing gear right now and head for kolbeh Hoor beach.

Even if you’re not a fisherman, don’t miss the oysters, turtles and beautiful fish.

Nature of Kolbeh Hoor beach

The wild nature of this iran beach is also one of the attractions that most of the time large waves collide with rocks on this beach iran is very exciting, especially in this nose there are holes that When waves collide through these gaps, water erupts.

Kolbeh Hoor beach water supply system

An interesting water system is designed on this beach iran. In this complex, saline water that is drawn by wind forces from the depths of the earth becomes sweet and usable using solar energy.

It also features a solar water heater and a variety of solar ovens that tourists can use in addition to visiting. This is a place where the energy of nature is used and the process can be considered as pure energy.

Special Offers Travel to kolbeh Hoor beach for tourists

  1. The best time to visit this iran beach is in the evenings. So plan your trip to Kish Island to be at kolbeh Hoor beach in the evening.
  2. The remnants of the famous Greek ship Kish are also near the Kish beach iran and you can visit and see the kolbeh Hoor beach.
  3. When the east winds on Kish Island make diving off the east coast, you can go to the west coast of the island Kolbeh Hoor beach for diving.

The perfect season to travel to kolbeh Hoor beach

If you haven’t traveled to the iran beaches on Kish Island before and especially to the Kolbeh Hoor beach, autumn is the perfect season to visit Kish Island and see this iran beach.

Kolbeh Hoor beach addresse

Kish Island, Jahan Road, before qoroob square; kolbeh hoor

Transportation to kolbeh Hoor beach

It is possible to reach this beautiful rocky beach at any hour of the day, and you do not need to buy tickets or pay an entrance to see its beauty.

But you also have to know that Kolbeh Hoor beach is far from the center of Kish Island and if you don’t have a car you should take a taxi.

Ladies’ Beach kish

The women’s beach on Kish Island is another most spectacular beach in Iran, which should be at the top of the list of selected places to visit any woman. Here, women are free to enter the water, which is not permitted on other Iran beaches.

Iran beaches 2019: Ladies' Beach

This coastal location is likened to geographic local beaches such as Hawaii, which provides an interesting insight into coastal life in Iran.

Iran beaches 2019: Ladies' Beach

Women can enjoy being in the water when they visit coral reefs, and you can relax under the sun and massage on the beach. Note that you are not allowed to take pictures here and you may be asked to bring your phone on arrival.

Olive beach (Qeshm Island)

The Olive Coast if Qeshm is one of the Iran beaches which has a diving school on all levels, the olive shore in Qeshm is a great place for water sports.

There are plenty of restaurants around the beach that find delicious food with fish that you might not expect to find in the Iran beaches, such as octopus and shrimp with local spices such as turmeric, carnation and rose petals And … like a refreshing food.

Iran beaches 2019: Ladies' Beach

You can listen to live music in some places on Qeshm Island, so you can have a memorable dining experience while looking at the sea. Women are not allowed to swim here.

The sandy beach of Olive has a canopy, recreational, cultural and sports facilities, a four-dimensional cinema, a skate and cycling roade, a football field, a cafe. Among the recreational camps on this sandy beach, you can mention the Iranian marine entertainment camp.

 Naaz Islands

The Naaz islands are one of the most beautiful Iran beaches and were unknown to other islands around Qeshm just a few years ago. The Naaz Island’s amazing feature is that it stops at the time of the sandy beach and connects it at the time of the tide.

Iran beaches 2019: Qeshm Naaz Islands

One of the most popular attractions on the Naaz Shores is camel riding. Also, there are sea recreational facilities such as diving, paragliding, riding, jet skiing and diving. You can go to the Naaz Islands three hours after the tide and be sure to go back one hour later. In total, you have only four hours to explore the Naaz islands.

Iran beaches 2019: Qeshm Naaz Islands

It’s about 20 minutes from the Naaz to Qeshm Island. From the southern road, the sandy beach and the golden sandy beach, we have to cross the valley of the stars to reach this area. Not reaching the village of Souza, the Naaz Islands are visible.

Turtle Island in Qeshm Island

The Shib Deraz village  and its widespread beaches are the location of the presence of sea turtles and unique eagle muzzle turtles that come from the middle of March to the end of June for laying on these Iran beaches.

Iran beaches 2019: Turtle Island in Qeshm Island

Each turtle hides around 300 eggs in each breeding season in 3 stages in 20 days in a hole that hovers after two months of laying eggs from the soil and moving towards the moonlight that is reflected in the sea.  Eagle muzzle turtles are a rare species that are extincting.

Iran beaches 2019: Turtle Island in Qeshm Island

On of the feats of creation are that the baby turtles hatched in this place after 30 years return to their hometown for laying. It is usually done in the colder seasons of the turtle laying year and has many visitors.

A total of seven types of turtles are known, of which 5 are between the Oman Sea and the Iran Persian Gulf. Eagle muzzle turtles are one of two types of turtles that are laying on the shores of Iran.

Iran beaches 2019: Turtle Island in Qeshm Island

Seeing the eagle muzzle turtles when digging a pit on a sandy beach and hatching and seeing the little baby turtles that go out of the egg and move toward the light are Eco touristic attractions of the Qeshm island .This beach is 30 kilometers south of Qeshm.

Hormuz Island Red beach:Mohite Zist beach and Mafnaq beach

Did you hear about the island of Hormuz? A red-colored land with mix of red soil and blue sea an awesome mix of eyes to your eyes.

Hormuz Island is one of the most beautiful Iran beaches, and its beautiful sandy beach attracts tourists from other countries more than Iranian tourists.

Iran beaches 2019: Hormuz Island Sorkh beach, Mohite Zist beach and Mafnaq beach

The reason for the presence of this color on the sandy beach of Hormuz is the existence of inorganic compounds in the area of ​​this region. Also, the Portuguese castle beach has also enhanced the charm of the island. Sandy beach of This Island is very different from the other Iran beaches that you have ever seen.

Iran beaches 2019: Hormuz Island Sorkh beach, Mohite Zist beach and Mafnaq beach

Hormoz’s red soil has a high economic value and exported it for several years in order to use in various industries such as dyeing, cosmetics, glass and ceramics, but this export has become more limited today because it is destroying this unique soil leads to.

The full color of this beautiful sandy beach is caused by the presence of an element; iron oxide is an element that is present in 70% of the red soil in this region and it’s colored. Hormuz is referred to as one of the great mines of the Red soil in the World.

Iran beaches 2019: Hormuz Island Sorkh beach, Mohite Zist beach and Mafnaq beach

It’s probably strange for you to taste sand of this beach. You can get this experience on this red sandy beach. There is no worry, because if you do not taste it yourself, you will eat it in local cuisine. This soil is famous among the locals and has a special place among its spices.

The people of these Iran beaches use this red soil as a spice to cook fish and bread and prepare pickles, jams and sauces and enjoy the good taste. Mix this spice with sardines and oranges to make it on bread and eat popular foods called Soraq.

Iran beaches 2019: Hormuz Island Sorkh beach, Mohite Zist beach and Mafnaq beach

With a little walking on the island and seeing the other parts of it, we realize that this unique panel also has other colors.

The golden, silver and white soils, which themselves have a special effect and appear more spectacular with the rain or sea than ever, are the wonders of the island.

But where did these colors come from? It’s interesting to know that all of the colors of the island originate as a result of a chemical compound and are the result of a combination of different minerals to form rock, soil or clod.

Of course, the role of metal stones cannot be ignored; magnetite, hematite and ologist are three metal stones that contain iron oxide and a golden metallic stone called pyrite, which is known as fool’s gold or evil eye, rich in sulfide Iron is.

Iran beaches 2019: Hormuz Island Sorkh beach, Mohite Zist beach and Mafnaq beach

Every year, different colored carpets are created on the island’s soil, which, along with beauty, also has environmental damage to the island, causing the mixing of soils in its various areas.

The southern regions of Iran are affected by warm and sultry weather. So the best time to visit the iran beaches and this sandy beach is autumn and winter.

If you are traveling to Hormoz, you can stay in the hotel and the villagers on the island and enjoy the night mania on this beautiful island. Many also choose camping on this sandy beach and have a different experience.

Iran beaches 2019: Hormuz Island Sorkh beach, Mohite Zist beach and Mafnaq beach

Go to Bandar Abbas or Qeshm to reach Hormuz. From there, you can reach Hormuz by boat. The boats ride from Qeshm to Hormuz each day and return at 13:00. Also at 14.00, there is a boat on Hormuz, but you have to stay on the island forever and return tomorrow. To get a ticket, you should go to Qeshm’s pier for an hour earlier.

These iran beaches, known as the Sorkh Hormooz, are the site for the laying on of rare and valuable turtles named green turtles and eagle muzzle turtles hat lay eggs from late winter to early spring. 50 days later, the turtles will go to the sea.

Iran beaches 2019: Hormuz Island Sorkh beach, Mohite Zist beach and Mafnaq beach

If you are looking for a sandy beach where you can swim comfortably and are relatively secluded, you should go to shores of the island of Hormooz the beach is one of the most secluded beaches of Hormuz, 40 km to that distance.

Part of the way to it can be reached by a three-wheeler motorcycle partly by foot, but the Mohite zist sandy beach is almost in the center of island is guarded and has rooms for staying. If you’re lucky, you can see phytoplankton on the beaches at night.

Hengam Island

One of the most beautiful iran beaches among in the islands of southern Iran is Hengam. it is known for its dolphins, but it’s not just dolphins that make it famous. Hengam sandy beach is known as Silver Beach. The phytoplankton’s on this beach look like a silver-plated land. When the wave reaches the shore, it blends with these luminous particles.

Iran beaches 2019: Hormuz Island Sorkh beach, Mohite Zist beach and Mafnaq beach

It is famous that if you want to stay alone for a few days and away from the city, Hengam can be your destination when it is desirable, an islet that has a great beach and still finds a shoreline in it that is less tourist like kaleh khomasi that dipped from the top of its rocks into the water.

Iran beaches 2019: Hengam Island

Hengam has a colorful market where locals sell handcrafted earrings and necklines to specialties for frying fish and shrimp. In this market, local women also create delicious Sambooseh, and they draw on different characters with Henna that they call “Tarh rikhtan”. New experiences that are not like any other experience on the other iran beaches.

Iran beaches 2019: Hengam Island

Access to Hengam

It is 2 km south-east of Qeshm Island and is 45 minutes away. To go to the Hengam, you must go from Bandar Abbas to Qeshm and take a car from the pier of the martyr Zakeri to reach the Kandalu pier. On this pier, boats will cost you 15,000 Toman.

Chabahar Brice Beach and the road leading to it

Chabahar is one of the southeast cities of Sistan and Baluchistan province. Chabahar beaches iran is the only oceanic harbor in the Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean. This has created rocky shores in the area, with waves rising up to five meters after it hits them.

Iran beaches 2019: Chabahar Brice Beach and the road leading to it

Chabahar is always spring with beautiful natural landscapes, wonderful beaches, wetlands, Martian mountains, banana and mango gardens, various free markets and hundreds of tourist destinations, and the kind and warmth people is one of the most attractive cities and iran beaches for Traveling tours.

Iran beaches 2019: Chabahar Brice Beach and the road leading to it

From Chabahar to the east, on the banks of the unique and golden roads of Makran, there is a road between the mountainous monetarism’s and the magnificent Oman Sea, which reaches a beautiful port at a distance of 60 kilometers, which extends along the coastal border of the Oman Sea (Makran coastal areas), which looks like a peninsula.

Iran beaches 2019: Chabahar Brice Beach and the road leading to it

It is at the top of the rocky walls whose outcrops overlook the sea. The Chabahar coastal road to Beris is from the iran beaches of the south. Along the shores of Chabahar beaches iran, on one side of this sea road, and on the other side are the beautiful landscapes of mountains and landforms.

The rocks along this road have come in various forms due to water erosion. The charm of this road is a phenomenon of sea wave surges that reaches a few meters in seasonal winds.

Iran beaches 2019: Chabahar Brice Beach and the road leading to it

The sandy or martian mountains are another attraction of the Chabahar road to Beris which is drawn parallel to the coast from the Kacho area to the Gwadar Bay. Viewing landscapes of Hara forests, sacred fig trees, temples and Lipar Lake are among the other beauties of this road.

Access to the beautiful port of Chabahar

There are flight from different cities to Chabahar beaches iran. The other cheaper way is by train. By train, you can go to Zahedan, Kerman or Bandar Abbas, and from these cities, by plane or ground to Chabahar.

Darak beach iran

Chabahar beaches iran are very similar to the Maldives, Chile and the shores of the Namibia. For example, the dry land of Darak reaches to the blue line of the sea, and this cross between the desert and the sea makes a visceral landscape.

Iran beaches 2019: Darak beach

Darak road is 150 km from Chabahar, passes through the beautiful Martian mountains, the Geryan coast and Pazm. This beach is one of the most beautiful iran beaches so that at night, the beach comes from the light blue phytoplankton, and this cannot be found anywhere in the world, except in the Maldives.

Iran beaches 2019: Darak beach

Phytoplankton’s are creatures that become embarrassed when the sea becomes drooping and emit light from them and illuminate the shores at night.

Tiss beach iran

Another Iran beaches in Chabahar, called Tiss is a rocky and very long-standing region that looks brilliantly eroded.

Iran beaches 2019: Tiss beach

From Chabahar, we have to move 13 kilometers eastward to get to the port of Tiss. This beach is located west of Chabahar and the Gwadar Bay. The view from the top of the Portuguese castle looks like a beautiful postcard.

Beris Port

The port of Beris is one of the maritime ports along the Iran beaches in the south of the country. The Beris is full of boats and lagoons, and you can see the variety of freshly harvested fish and shrimp in this port.

Iran beaches 2019: Port of Beris

The port reaches the north to the Martian Mountains and extends from the south and west to the Oman Sea. The combination of the conical mountains and the sea created fantastic landscapes and made Bris one of the most beautiful ports in Iran.

Lipar beach

Iran beaches 2019: Lipar beach

Lipar Beach, one of the most luxurious and charming beaches of Chabahar, is located next to the Lipar Hotel and the Makran Sea. It has a rocky beachfront, a cafe and dining room for the welfare of tourists.

Reishahr Beach

Reishahr Beach in Bushehr is one of the most hideous beaches in Iran for tourists, located near major cities such as Abadan and Shiraz, providing travelers with something beyond a tourist area.

Iran beaches 2019: Reishahr Beach

The Reishahr Beach has a rocky and rocky view that makes it a great place to climb this place. This beach is also suitable for water activities such as high-speed boats. It’s still better to visit this place in the cooler weather of the winter.

Iran beaches 2019: Reishahr Beach

You can enjoy here in December at 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit). Reishahr stretches along Reishahr Street towards the sea. This beach, like the other beaches around the city, is not pristine, but is more famous for its millennia dating. This ancient beach is located south of Bushehr.

Martian beach (imam hassan port)

Iran beaches 2019: Martian beach (imam hassan port)

This beach is also known as the Martian coast. The beach of Imam Hassan, located 30 km south of Bandar Deilam in Bushehr province, is a combination of sand and rock.

Banood beach

Iran beaches 2019: Banood beach

Banood beach of Asaluyeh is one of the most beautiful iran beaches which has rocky caves to the sea, where access to its waters passes through holes between the rocks. This beach is located 30 km from Asaluyeh and a village called Banood. You can sit in the caves of this beach and experience a good camping experience.

Beach lengeh Port

One of the most important ports of the iran Persian Gulf, is located in Hormozgan province and is known as the Pearl Harbor and the Bride Port of the South of the country.

Iran beaches 2019: Beach lengeh Port

In addition to the natural and secluded natural beauty of Bandar Lengeh Beach, it is possible to travel to the island of Kish (Facts free zone kish island ) and Qeshm through the beach.

White sand beach iran: Zarrineh rood beach

Zarrineh Rood is one of the longest and most rivers in the northwest of Iran. The beaches of this vast and lush river are one of the most privileged territories and elements of the natural tourist and tourist destination of Kurdistan province.

Iran beaches 2019: White sand beach: Zarrineh rood beach

Throughout its path, it has the ability to use fun water sports such as boat ride. The Zarrineh River is within Shahin Dezh city, except for the few rivers that have sandy beach, including fine white sand in high volume which creates a good environment for coastal sports. This large river is one of the most attractive natural areas of Kurdistan province.

Iran beaches 2019: White sand beach: Zarrineh rood beach

Zarrineh Roud River originates from the forests of Chehl Cheshmeh between Saqez and Baneh in the Kurdistan province and flows through the 300 km route to Lake Urmia. The river with 2 billion cubic meters of water is the largest feeder of Lake Urmia, and at the junction with a delta lake with a width of 10 kilometers.

Iran beaches 2019: White sand beach: Zarrineh rood beach

This river passes through the Shaheen-e-Forge in its most abundant condition, due to the fact that there are dozens of seasonal and permanent rivers in the city that cause the river to fill the river.

In the era of Mongolian domination in Iran, the river is named after the Mongolian “Chaqno” or Jaghtai” from the name of the second son of Genghis Khan due to its roaring, and today it is called “Jaghato” in the local language. Most of the water in this river reaches agricultural and horticultural use.

Bandar Abbas beach

One of the iran beaches in the south of the coast is Bandar Abbas, which can be walked along the sandy beach with soft sand and gentle slopes. This place is a good choice for families with children so their children can use sandy beach and sand for fun.

Iran beaches 2019: Bandar Abbas beach

Winter is the best time to visit this place because there is less moisture in the area; the water temperature is up to 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit) in December. There are modern and well-appointed hotels that attract more guests thanks to their own swimming pools.

Iran beaches 2019: Bandar Abbas beach

To go to Bandar Abbas there is a different and spectacular option, which is that you can go to Qeshm and then take it to Bandar Abbas by sea. In this way, you can visit the magnificent iran Persian Gulf one of the attractions that you should definitely experience in the south of Iran.

 Soru beach

The beautiful Soru Beach in Bandar Abbas is one of the Iran beaches and the vibrant coastal city of Hormozgan and Bandar Abbas, which hosts thousands of nature friends every day in the afternoon.

On the outskirts of this beach, life is good and people who are livelihood using sea-based capacity have inherited fishing jobs from their forefathers.

Iran beaches 2019: Beautiful Soru beach

Few writings about the history of Bandar Abbas (Gameron) can be found in which it was not referred to the Soru port. In some of these writings, as a small port in front of the island of Hormuz, in another article, it was described as a fishing village on the iran Persian beach or a port on the route of Hormuz to Shiraz.

The ancient area of ​​Soru and the ancient Soru district, located in the north of the Soru neighborhood in the past, was not far from the wide palm trees, including thousands of magic (palm) and other types of trees, such as Konar, Cret, Kahoor, gas, kharag. Soru people spend 3 months in these palm.

Iran beaches 2019: Beautiful Soru beach

Now perhaps the most beautiful iran beaches in Bandar Abbas is Soru. This beach is one of the old Iran beaches. Soru s historical texture is 87 hectares which is the second largest texture of the city of Bandar Abbas, and this historic texture was registered in 2009 by the Supreme Council for the Urban and Architecture of the country; the name of Soru with the past of Hormozgan has an irreconcilable link, indicating a long history this is the neighborhood.

Iran beaches 2019: Beautiful Soru beach

Fishing, which was inherited from far away from the Soru is still in the hands of indigenous peoples, and the beautiful and pristine beach of Soro, with its large and small lobes, is full of rich swamps and lives there.

Soru Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bandar Abbas. It is recommended that you do not miss a sunset while traveling to Hormozgan, sitting on the Soru beach and seeing the sunset.

Shomal iran Beach: Anzali Beach

The beaches of Anzali are one of the shores of shomal Iran and one of the best beaches iran Caspian Sea. The advantage of the Anzali beaches is that unlike the coasts of other cities, Mazandaran is considered a public beach and can be easily used.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Shomal iran: Anzali Beach

In the interests of safety and comfort, the passengers of this area in 2007, based on an Anzali Free Zone project, were located within 3 km of Anzali beaches such as pergola, immunized swimming areas (rescue group), amenities, service Sanitary, parking and football field and volleyball.

Chamkhaleh Beach

Chaph and Chamkhaleh are one of the most beautiful and exclusive coastal areas of shomal iran  and Caspian sea beaches, located in Gilan province, about 10 km east of Langerood, 20 km east of Lahijan and 39 km west of Roodsar.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019 : Chamkhaleh Beach

Also after Anzali, the second tourist harbor and active beach in Guilan province is always used and the attention of tourists is located.

Sandy beach if this city is one of the old iran beaches of Gilan, which before the 1978 Revolution had beautiful beaches and beautiful villas, and unfortunately, after the revolution, it gradually shrank from its boom.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Chamkhaleh Beach

The best attractions of this city are also the sandy beach and the great Chamkhaleh River. The river passing through the city of this city has added to the attractions of this city and has caused many foreign tourists to travel to this area. The depth of the river in some places is 6 meters. Not so long ago, the river was the site of Russian and Iranian ships.

Access to the beautiful Chamkhaleh Beach

Go along the road from east to west and after leaving Chalous and Ramsar and enter Guilan province towards Langroud. At 10 km east of Langroud, you reach Chamkhaleh.

If you go from the west to Chamkhaleh, after passing Rasht and reaching Lahijan, just drive 25 km to the east to reach Chamkhaleh.

The Astara Beach: Sadaf Beach

Astara is one of the most beautiful and prestigious cities in Iran. It is interesting to know that the city has a beautiful beach that is considered to be the best of shomal Iran beaches.

The Sadaf beach is a high-security sandy beach for swim and recreation and a space suitable for spending time without worries. This beach, 7 km from Astara Road, is located next to the protected area of ​​Lavandevil Forest.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: The Astara Sadaf Beach

The interesting thing about the Astara beach is that the first Caspian Sea Beaches have been practiced on the coast of Astara. Rescues, gazebo, resorts, buffets and shops and showers and sanitary facilities are some of the facilities of the Astara Coast.

Gisoom beach North iran(Talesh)

Gisoom Beach, located in Gilan province, is one of the most exclusive iran beaches, which is located along the massive forests of this province. Undoubtedly, passing the forest road and reaching the sandy beach will be an unforgettable experience for tourists.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Gisoom beach

Gisoom Beach also has other attractions such as hiking and cycling, water and beach relaxation (swimming, jet skiing, shuttle, paragliding, rafting, parasol, quadroot), off roadinf ،Trampolining, and wind park.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Gisoom beach

Remember to explore the nature surrounding the area, especially the gisoom forest, filled with cluster trees. At the end of this forest, there is a white and spectacular 1000 year old mosque that has made this beach one of the most visited iran beaches.

SiSangan Beach

One of the iran beaches which has both the forest and the sea, and in shomal Iran is a beautiful sandy beach of the Si-Sangan, which combines both. The northern part of the forest park of Sisangan, located 35 km from Noshahr, reaches the Caspian Sea.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Si Sangan Beach

The Sea of ​​Si sangan is one of the most tourist destinations in the province of Mazandaran, in terms of which there is no only sea to stand beside it, to watch the waves, or to throw water.

In this part of the sea, sailing and jet skis, and from the sea, you will love horse riding and surfing in the woods and sitting at the gazebo.

The forest is known throughout the whole of Iran. Si Sangan Forest Park is 30 km away from Noshahr road. To reach it, you should go to Noor or Noshahr.

Miankaleh Beach

Another unique and beautiful beach of shomal Iran is the Miankaleh coast. This sandy beach is not just a beach and is a protected area. The attractive animal cover of this region has created many aesthetics for it.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Miankaleh Beach

The Miankaleh coast is known more for its protected area. The Miankale Coast is the most important habitat for water-land birds in iran beaches.

This beach is home to many birds and is one of the 12 international biosphere reserves. Miankaleh is near the island of Ashuradeh and also near the Turkmen port.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Miankaleh Beach

Without the permission of the environmental organization of Behshahr cannot go to miankakeh. Those who travel from the east of Mazandaran province must first go to Behshahr and those who come from Sari, should first go to Neka.

From there, you have to go to the village of Zaghmar and walk the three way ahead to the right and the middle zone.

Chapakrood beach

Mazandaran province with its natural geographical locations, cold and dry mountainous, temperate and humid mountainous valleys, high water courses, lush meadows and are among the top provinces of Iran in the ecological and ecological regions of the country.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Chapakrood beach

Due to the long history of tourist attractiveness the year-old welcomes more than 12 million people and 100 thousand foreign tourists.

The sandy beach is one of the most beautiful iran beaches in the Mazandaran province, due to its natural conditions, which is ideal for the use of passengers by sea and their short stay.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Chapakrood beach

Chapakrood beach is 18 km long from the most recent beaches in Mazandaran province. This beautiful sandy beach with 10 access roads to the sea is one of the safest beaches in Mazandaran.

Chapakrood Beach Park includes sports equipment, children’s play equipment, volleyball court, sandy football, summer halls, winter,, green space, guide boards.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Chapakrood beach

You can walk at least three or four miles on a steep sandy beach without any hindrance or ride a bicycle on either side of the harbor (east or west).

This place is very suitable for those who want to relax and have fun with the hustle and bustle of Caspian beaches.

Ramsar Beach

If you went to shomal Iran do not forget the Ramsar beach. In Ramsar, there are tekecabins that start from the sandy beach of the city and the depths of the Ramsar forests.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Ramsar Beach

In addition to the Ramsay Sports Club, you can enjoy sports and water sports.

Namak abrood beach

Another of the best beaches in shomal Iran is the Namak Abrood beach.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Namak abrood beach

There are also water sports on the beach that you can take full advantage of Jet ski, boat, shuttle and Parasol umbrella, Hawker craft, motorcycle and ATV tracks, cycling track, playground, boarding, pedaling and motor boating are just some of the facilities of the  Namak abrood Beach.

Tuska sara beach

The beach and pelage of tuska Sara, located in Mazandaran province, Ramsar city, is located in Moalem Blvd, as a tourist destination and is one of the most popular beaches for tourists.

The beach has facilities such as toilets, rafting, shooting venues, horse riding, shops and swimming areas.

Iran beaches (shomal iran) 2019: Tuska sara beach

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Conclusion and summary of the article in a minute

From the shomal Iran with Caspian Sea beaches to the south of Iran with the iran Persian Gulf shores.

you can have an exciting and beautiful journey and enjoy the beauty of the iran beaches each of which brings with it marvels and delights tourists.

Does Iran have nice beaches?

Iran is a vast country with four season’s weather, with many natural and unknown attractions. One of the most unknown attractions and natural scenery is beautiful beaches.

Iran has many beautiful beaches in the north and on the margin of the Caspian Sea, as well as in the south and on the margin of the Persian Gulf with its magnificent waters.

Also, Iran has many islands with beautiful beaches. One of the best islands is Kish Island, which attracts many tourists every year with its beautiful and famous beaches.

It’s no wonder that other islands of Iran are also amazingly beautiful and are always attractive to tourists, for example, the Hormuz island in the Persian Gulf.

which has a red earth and its shore is red, and tourists are always convinced by this attraction have traveled to Mars.

The pink color of the Lipar in Chabahar is another unknown attraction, the pink color of which is the result of the activity of the planktons.

Qeshm Island and other islands and coasts of Iran are still unknown to most tourists. Travel to unknown and popular beaches in Iran and make good memories.

The best and most beautiful iran beaches the north and south are at a glance:

The South Shores of Iran in the Persian Gulf(Khalij e Fars Sea)

Kish coral Coast

Kolbeh hoor beach

Ladies beach

Qeshm Olive Beach

Qeshm Naz Islands

Turtles Beach of Qeshm

Sorkh Beach of Hormoz Island

Mohite Zist beach

Menfagh beach

Hengam Island

Beriss beach

Darak beach

Tiss beach

Port of Beris

Pelage of Lipar beach

Reishahr Beach

Martian beach

Banood beach

Bandar lengeh Port

White sand beach

Bandar Abbas coast

Soru beach

The north (Shomal )coasts of Iran in the Caspian Sea(Khazar Sea)

shomal iran :Anzali Beach

Chamkhaleh Beach

The Astara Sadaf Beach

Gisoom beach

Si Sangan Beach

Miankaleh Beach

Chapakrood beach

Ramsar Beach

Namak abrood beach

Tuska sara beach

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