iran sightseeing

Iran sightseein

Iran sightseein

Iran sightseeing

Yearly, many tourists come to Iran for seeing ancient monuments and historical places. The most famous of this monument and ancient places, Takht-e- Jashid, Chehel sutoon (forty pillars) palace, Behistun, Sa’adi and Hafez’s grave, Pasargad, Sent Estepanous Church, Niyavaran palace collection and etc can be refered. We acquaint you with some of these historical places until you can determine a good end for your travel.

Veniz of Iran

Maybe you don’t believe but you should know that it is supposed (that) put foot in the second historical city of the world. Yazd after Veniz in Italy country is the second historical city of the world. Yazd is famous to sun-dried brick. Reason of this calling is due to brick houses containing air trap of this city that has been made by architects to stay away from the constant heat of the sun in Yazd.

Sightseeing places that should not be given them up, Fire Temple of Bahram that fire inside it, has stayed on over 1500 years, Dolat Abad garden that is the tallest brick air trap of the world, cypress of Abr 118 kooh (mountain cloud) that is the oldest alive animals of the world, catholic mosque, Amir Chakhmagh square, water museum, Khan’s bath, silents tower, mirror palace museum, aqueduct and light and Zarech aquaeduct that is known the longest aqueduct of Iran can refered. While departure to other cities, certainly don’t forget the hottest souvenir namely Qottab and Baklava of Yazdi.

Tour in Kish with pocket full of money

If your travel reached to south of Iran, it’s better to see Qeshm Island and specially Kish. Historical remained monuments, each one is related to a period of constant date and tull of up and down of this territory. Ruined places of ancient city of Kharbes in Qeshm is related to Mads period. These monuments are reflexing antiquity, long service, and dehiscence of Iran civilization. If you intend to buy, certainly see arcade and shopping centers of Kish. Kish Island is one of the most beautiful of Persian Gulf islands and worth seeing of Hormozgan province.

Kish is one of places in the country that in addition to its shopping places and markets has many monuments for seeing. If you intend to travel to Kish visit underground city of Kariz that has antiquity 570,000,000 years, historical city of Horayreh, green trees that is one of the oldest Iran trees, Greek  boat that is old and injured heritage of this island. Don’t give up Dolphinariom and bird’s garden, carolloid cliffs, the sun cottage ،Safari. Beside these attractions visit to site or marine club and recreative jetty of kish.