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What is iran tour packages?

iran tour packages



Sometimes Iran tour packages are unauthorized, which must be carefully selected.We will give you a complete guide to choosing Iran tour packages,Read it now.

What are iran tour packages?iran tour packages are very different with iran tour from the point of view providing services,which most tourists are unaware of.

If you are a traveler and are interested in tourism in Iran, You’ve heard many times, the terms of the iran tour packages, the iran travel tour at the time of booking the iran tour packages or iran tours.

These two terms are very different from the point of view of providing services, which most tourists are unaware of, and they are even confused about choosing their reservations.




The following is a more detailed and operational review of all types of iran tour packages, its difference with Iran travel tour and how to calculate the price of the tour.

What is a tour?

Tour in the term tourism industry, is a set of elements of travel, including accommodation, transportation, feeding, patrol, etc., defined by the travel planner or tour operator for a trip to a person or group of tourists in the form of tour packages presented.

Within the framework of this collection, the daily activities of the group, the route and the program of travel are designed and adjusted.

What is iran tour packages?

Since the second half of the twentieth century, the number of international tourists has grown at an incredible pace. Many territories have emerged as new destinations and demand-driven tour packages, and tourism has become one of the world’s largest businesses.

Traveling  transformed from a luxury product to an essential product and as tour packages has become a in a basket of households and advances in transportation and communication technologies, urbanization and rising household income throughout the world, is considered as a major driver for this movement.

What is iran tour packages?

The socio-cultural interaction resulting from the development of travel affects the different regions of the world and tourism is recognized as a tool for the development of world peace and dialogue between civilizations.

Similar to other businesses, the tourism industry has several subdivisions, one of which is one of the fastest growing areas, is Tour Operating.

Who are the tour operators?

Though due to the variety of tour packages and tasks assigned to tour operator, it is possible to provide a separate definition for each group, but in general, a tour operator is an economically active provider of package planning services and tour package.

iran tour operators: Who are the tour operators?

A tour package provides a trip to a group of people. For this purpose, tour operator provides the customer with contracts with hotels, hiring local guides, identifying shipping vehicles such as airline or land transportation, and communicating with travel and tourism services.

Tour operating companies can offer their product, the tour packages, to customers through their travel agencies or directly through their website or sales office.

Executive director or tour guide of iran tour

The executive director of the tour is the tourist’s representative on a trip to Iran and will have to take on a variety of responsibilities for iran tour. These responsibilities may include:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of members.
  • Provide a memorable experience for tourists in the form of a defined tour packages.
  • Iran tour daily schedule synchronization
  • Dealing with possible problems and fixing them.
  • Eliminating the possible crises tour Iran faces in particular situations.
  • Coordinating iran tours with major suppliers, such as local transportation, restaurants, attractions, and more.
  • Provide the resources needed by tour iran guides for information that tour iran members need to provide.

Though due to the variety of iran tour packagess and tasks assigned to iran tour operator

If in tour program, in addition to the tour manager, is used by local guides, part of the responsibility for providing information and transferring information to passengers will be removed from the hands of the tour manager.

Variants of Iran Tour Packages

Later, there were references to the iran tour and the benefits and tips of the tour choice in general. In this article we will look at more detailed and operational types of iran tour packages and how to calculate the cost of iran tours.

Variants of Iran Tour Packages

Variants of different types of iran tour packages can be distinguished. Travel iran tour packages are divided into two categories:

1) Group Tours (close).

2) Individual tours (open).

 iran tour packages groups

These packages of recreational iran tour packages are designed in such a way that the travel and air travel agency purchases a certain number of seats depending on the number of seats, establishes a small group and adjusts their travel plans.

Often, in this case, the entire group of origin travels along the tour guide to Iran and returns. In this type of iran tour packages, passengers will be required to register and purchase iran tours according to their pre-determined date and the duration of the tour, or completing the capacity tour iran will run.

iran tour packages groups

Referring to the services provided in iran tour packages, please refer to the iran tour packages price calculation method for calculating the iran tour packages price.

In other words, if the trip to Iran is set for tourists to experience a collective journey in their interaction, then this tour is called a Group Tour.

iran tour packages groups

In such a situation, tourists do not just use the services provided by the tour operator, such as aviation or hotel, but they travel along the journey, experience the same program and experience being together in a group.

Group tours can be redistributed into two broad categories:

1) Public Tours or Scheduled Tours

In public iran tour packages, Tourists are not familiar with each other at first general, but at the end of the tour feel like they have new friends.

2) Pre-formed Tours or Customized Tours

In customized iran tours packages, a group of tourists who are interested in visiting a destination or specific destinations with a specific program will choose a representative for the tourists to book a tour package based on the interests of the group.

2) Independent iran tour packages

In iran tours packages, If a group of tourists uses only services such as aviation, airport transfer, and hotels, without having a special relationship between them and the tourists and tour operators, such a tour is considered to be an Independent Tour.

Independent iran tour packages

These tours, which make up a large volume of passengers to Iran, are often purchased from various travel agencies and tourists, and all passengers fly with a pre-designated flight to Iran. The tour package is a travel guide and tour guide, which is set in Iran.

Some of the tours in Iran include facts free zone kish tour, tour of the iran beaches, tour of Kish island, tour of Mashhad, tour of Shiraz, tour of Tehran, tour of Tabriz, tour of Yazd, Isfahan Tour, Abr Forest Tour, Desert Tour, Cycling Tour, Walking Tour, Climbing Tour and more.

Many travel agencies or sites(such as: and with special services in different countries provide diverse tours of desert, skiing, cycling, historical, etc. to Iran.

Special Iran tour packages

In cases that occur more or less in Iran’s travel agencies, travelers will be referred to the iran tour packages for some reason, their travel plans or the duration of their request with the package.

Group tours are not compatible and on the other hand they wish to receive the iran tour service from the relevant agency, or sometimes they are requesting a certain airline travel other than the airline in the tour packages.

Special Iran tour packages

In this case, the agency is preparing a special package of iran tour packages based on the requirements of its passengers. Here are some reviews of these types of iran tour packages.

  • Free Independent Travelers (FIT)

In this type of iran tour packages, the requested service and all the components provided in the tour package are offered to a group of travelers that are in the form of a small family or friendly group.

  • Group Inclusive Travelers (GIT)

This type of iran tour packages are also prepared as FIT, with the difference that the number of tour packages in the previous tour package is higher and often includes groups that Students, organizations, etc., decide to travel.

  • A meeting Incentive Conference Exhibition (MICE)

As the title of this section indicates, this type of iran tour packages are provided for groups with non-tourism goals and are more likely to participate in scientific, exhibition, educational or sports conferences.

iran tour packages Services

The iran tour packages, as conventionally includes:

1) Transportation in iran tour packages

Transportation in the iran tour packages can include various types of air transport, rail, sea or road. Depending on the traveler’s request, the local facilities and travel package conditions, various types of transportation vehicles are included in the tour package.

Transportation in iran tour packages

Sometimes a package of transportation involves a combination of a variety of transport. Transportation in travel packages depending on the type of application and the package request, can include tourists to unusual types, such as transfer by camels, bikes, and more.

iran Air Tour packages

If the tour is done aerially, tickets are issued in three ways: system ticket,Air charter ticket and point ticket.

In iran tour packages that are closed by system tickets, the lowest class flight rates are usually received on the route and on a given date, calculated on this base.

iran Air Tour packages

Therefore, the tour iran may vary for travelers due to the pre-departure and iran tour dates. Since the booking of a system ticket at any time of booking cannot be more than 9 passengers on the list of passengers, each class change may change the flight class rate.

Even if the number of passengers is more than one person, it is possible to book a system ticket for one or two people at a lower rate flight class and use the higher flight class rates for the rest.

At the same time, the system of flights has the ability to offer a low rate (from 2 to 12 years old) at a lower cost than the high rate of the year, as well as the rate of a child under 2 years old.

But in the iran tour packages that are closed with charter flights (full charter or seat charter), since the purchase of flight seats has already been done in advance and generally at a fixed rate,

the iran tour packages price has been steady from the beginning to the end of the sale, and the preceding time in the purchase of iran tour does not vary the tour rates.

iran Air Tour packages

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that because charter tickets are purchased in the short, medium, and long term periods, they are naturally due to the fact that some of the iran tours With holidays or occasions during these days,

the price of the flight by the charterer agency will be subject to increase according to the law of supply and demand (for example, the price of the flight on some routes varies from the beginning of the week to the end of the week).

Accordingly, at a time when the Agency faces a reduction in the number of tour iran applicants, it may reduce the price of the iran tour packages price from the declared rate on the package, It is referred to as last-minute or offer tours . It should be noted that the pricing for charter flights does not apply to young children.

The last way to calculate ticket price is Point Ticket. In this way, with the purchase of tickets by the agency from the relevant airline, based on the provisions contained in the contract, Airline will issue a flight rate on a case-by-case basis, and the agency, announced iran tour packages rate on the basis of Airline.

iran Ground Tour packages

In ground iran tour (usually by bus) on the basis of the previous experience, and knowing capacity of the iran tour, the agency use public transport vehicles of different capacities in iran tour.

In this case, the selected vehicle with a specified capacity and a certain number of days is pre-booked in advance, and the final price will be reduced to the number of seats on the vehicle.

iran Ground Tour packages

In this case, the executing agency should calculate the number of traveler, not based on the number of seats, but on the number of likely to absorb them.

And consider a number as a risk or error factor  that called  Breakpoint and if the number of registered tourists in tour iran did not reach the required amount, it stopped the sale of the tour  due to the failure to sell all the capacity of the tour.

Accordingly, there is a article in the contract for the implementation of domestic and foreign trip organized by the Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, which if, as a result of the iran tour, the required capacity (failure point) the authorizing agency is allowed to cancel the tour and reimbursement of funds received from travelers.

2) Residence in iran tour packages

Residential centers are based on the exchange rate given by the union according to the degree and facilities of the hotel, and this rate can be different at different times depending on the number and volume of passengers in different periods of the year differently they will provide services that are referred to as the base rate or Board rate.

Residence in iran tour packages

Residential accommodations offer special discounts to agencies and brokers who occasionally or permanently use their services, which categorizes resident rates according to the following:

  • Rack Rate or Board rate

They are offered to travelers who come to them individually and do not include discounts.

  • Travel Agency Rate (TA Rate)

This rate is that discount rate for travel agents or brokers that is lower than the Board rate, and based on the number of passengers, as well as the level of performance of the agency or broker concerned, the amount of this discount is variable and includes discounts for passengers with a small number and a case TA Individual Rate and TA Group Rate passengers.

Residence in iran tour packages

Residential centers generally provide rates based on each room each night, based on the residence rate for each room in the riyal rate, staying in the double bed room (the most common way to close the iran tour packages).

But for accommodation in a single room or accommodation in the room with two bed and an extra bed have the same rates. To calculate the room price for each person in a two bed room in a tour package, the declared rate for the room must be multiplied by the number of nights spent.

3)Transfer and welcoming and city tour

These services, which are principally provided by the broker in cities or Iran, are calculate in two ways.

1) Broker sends a person with a specific vehicle (depending on the number of passengers) at the destination to welcome passengers at the arrivals’ points and announces a general rate to the agency.

The rate announced by the broker for the provision of the above services is based on the number of passengers counted and the basis for calculating the price in the iran tour packages price.

2) The broker will declare a fixed rate for the above services without the number of travelers per person, and this basis will be calculated.

4) guide Tour in iran tour packages

Tour guide price is calculated,  based on the agreement rate with the agency per working day if he If he is on tour since the start of the iran tour and like vehicle, will be reduce to the number of passengers.

guide Tour in iran tour packages

In this case, it’s best to calculate the breakpoint.

5) Visa in iran tour packages

In iran tour packages, Since the provision of iran visa services for each passenger is done individually with a separate passport, the cost of these services is also calculated in the same way.

Visa in iran tour packages

6) Travel insurance in iran tour packages

Travel insurance in iran tour package is also calculated individually and based on the rate approved by the insurance companies at the tour price.

Travel insurance in iran tour packages

 7) Food in iran tour packages

Food in the iran tour packages can include a variety of catering services from upscale and traditional restaurants to self-catering, fast food restaurants, cafeterias, cafes and buffets.

Food in iran tour packages

The set of activities referred to in the iran tour packages offered by travel agents must place in a timely manner with a specific sequence in the daily tour package planning.

Such a program shows the activities of the tourists group step by step during the time they travel in the form of a tour package, and is referred to as the Itinerary. The program provides schedules, directions, and guides to attract tourists along the way.

Other programs include the iran tour package for tourists

  • See other attractions of the destination

The patrol includes the services of visiting the collection of tourist attractions and getting information about them. These attractions can be cultural-historical, ethnic, natural, or even special events.

1) See other attractions of the destination

Providing transportation services at the destination, these services are used by the travel agency to provide a tour guide and run an iran tour program on-site.

  • See other attractions of the destination

Attractions means an independent element of the iran tour packages is that which tourists have to pay for a ticket to visit.

See other attractions of the destination

To illustrate the difference between attractions and patrols, one example is the following:

A local tour in Isfahan could include bus transportation, visiting Chaharbagh street, walking along Zayandehrud and watching historical bridges and walking in the Naghshe jahan square while when we talk about a particular attraction in a particular sense, we will consider purchasing tickets and visiting the Ali Qapo Palace in that square.

Sometimes people use a vehicle or buy tickets to take advantage of the path, the vehicle and the facilities they serve as attraction, meaning that the main purpose of the traveler is not necessarily transportation.

  • Shopping for tourists

Shoping is tied to tourism and shopping has become an integral part of travel plans along with the attractions of the iran tour package; mementos and souvenirs are major shopping items by tourists.

Shopping for tourists

Shopping centers are distinguished from attractions, which is why the entrance to these centers – usually from the traditional market of the margin of the Naghshe Jahan to the modern shopping centers in the capital of Iran – is not considered as an entrance.

Of course, in many attractions in Iran, the topic of shopping for tourists is noted; for example, there are several souvenir shops in Persepolis, Shiraz. Catering services such as cafeteria are also available on that places. Mementos and souvenirs are major shopping items for tourists.

What is the difference between the iran tour packages and iran tour?

One of the easiest ways to travel to foreign countries, especially Iran, is to visit travel agencies and book iran tours.

While using iran tours to travel abroad is less troublesome for passengers, and anyone can refer to the tourist service companies for their desired dates, but the passengers are choosing to watch the clock There is no flight, type of airline, or hotel type; therefore, it is necessary to choose between the tour packages offered according to the time of travel and its price.

But this is not the only problem with iran tours. Some travel agencies in iran tours have included tourist services and in-town visits that impose additional charges on passengers.

Although some travelers, especially on their first trip, may want to visit the city’s attractions in conjunction with tour guide, others do not need to use such services and do not want to pay for it.

What is the difference between the iran tour packages and iran tour?

Being a tour guide is a good point when visiting tourist attractions, but usually the cost of such services is more than usual, and since the visits are held in a collective manner, all travelers should set their time with the group.

If you do not want to use such tours and you want to personally book a hotel in Iran and buy a flight to Iran, we suggest you use the iran tour packages instead of using the iran tour.

The iran tour packages allow you to compare the price of a plane ticket and the price of hotels in Iran on the date you want and make a reservation that is appropriate in any way.

Buy airline tickets to Iran and book a hotel in Iran is easily available on the travel agencies’ websites. When you select your destination and destination in the package, you will see a set of dozens of packages for Iranian airline tickets and hotel reservations in Iran that will be paid in Rial.

What is the difference between the iran tour packages and iran tour?

This way, you will be able to book your iran tour packages with the best airline and hotel prices on the date you want to travel without having to pay extra for tourist services and in-town tours.

In addition, to buy airline tickets to Iran, at the best prices, you can visit reputable reservation sites and then, after specifying the flight date and the city of origin and destination, to book a system ticket or charter ticket to the plane.

Combined iran Tour Packages

A package of combined tours in Iran is usually carried out every day of the week without the need for special numbers of passengers and even if the passenger is one person, a tour will be carried out for him. These tours, with any origin, can be carried out in Iran.

A package of combined tours is made and arrange according to the customer’s request and demand. You set the date of your journey.

You are the one who tells how many days you will stay in each city and how you would like to stay in that hotel. You are the one select type of room you specify in each hotel and you are going to choose your patrol programs from the existing ones.

Combined iran Tour Packages

You choose the type of vehicle (bus, airplane, train). If you have a special guest and want to have a formal transfer, this will allow you to combine tours in all cities, and even if you want to look for a few days and the rest of the days to have a conference, seminar and workshops, all of these coordination We will do it for you.

We recommend that you plan your journey using the package of combined iran tours as your wants. You can even have 30-day trips to different cities of Iran at any time you wish.

iran tour packages


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Conclusion and summary of the article in a minute

  • The tour is defined as a set of travel elements including accommodation, transportation, feeding, patrol, etc., provided by travel agencies in the form of tour packages and so on.
  • A tour operator is an economist actor who plans services and provides tour packages for a group of people.
  • The executive director of the Tour is the tourist’s representative on a trip to Iran and will have to take on various responsibilities for tour iran.
  • The iran tour packages are divided into two main categories: Group iran Tours packages (close) and Individual iran Tours packages (Open).
  • Group iran tour packages is designed to provide travel and air travel agencies with a specific date for the number of flight seats and register a small group of tourists.
  • Group tours are divided into two categories: General Tours or Scheduled Tours, and Pre-formed Tours or Customized Tours.
  • If tourists only use services such as air transportation, airport transfer, and hotels, without a specific connection between them and the tourists, Called the Independent Tour.
  • Free Independent Travelers (FIT) provides the requested service and all the components provided in the travel package to a group of travelers.
  • Group inclusive Travelers (GIT): This iran tour packages are prepared and set up like as FIT, except that the number of people in this tour package is greater than the FIT tour package.
  • A meeting Incentive Conference Exhibition (MICE): This type of iran tour package is provided for groups with non-tourism goals.
  • The iran tour packages are generally, including transportation, accommodation, transfer, guides, visas, travel insurance and food.
  • The iran tour packages includes two Rack Rate rates, the Board and Travel Agency Rate (TA Rate) rates.
  • Other packages included in the iran tour packages include tourists, attractions, shopping and more.
  • iran tour packages has a significant difference with iran tours in term of service delivery.
  • A package of combined tours is usually performed every day of the week without the need to specific numbers of traveler and tour will run even if the passenger is one person.

In the end, we propose to see a list of other Iranian and tourist sites on our site to find more and better plan and choose the best tour of Iran’s package or tour to travel to beautiful Iran, and make different and exciting journey.