iran tour: A complete guide to the Iran tours(Information+2020)

iran tour

A complete guide to the Iran tours



How to choose and book iran tour? Tour Iran provides tourists with what services? What types of  iran tours?

Iran is a beautiful ancient country which attracts many tourists annually in the form of a iran tours all over the world.

Most tourists are confused about choosing the type of tour iran and the tourist cities and benefits of the tour.

In this article, we give you overview of the iran tour guide, the best iran tours, the benefits of tour in iran. Important points before the choosing tour Iran, and so on. Follow us.






What is a tour?

A tour in the word means “exploring”. In the tourism industry, the tour is defined as a set of elements of travel, including accommodation, transportation, feeding, patrol, etc., provided by a travel planner or tour guides to a person or group of tourists in the form of a package of travel.

What is a tour?

On July 5, 1841, a person named Thomas Cook initiated the first major group tour and planned it. The trip was arranged for 57 railway employees, and they went from Leicester to Loughborough.

It’s not long after so many people went on to organize group trips. With the arrival of the plane during the transport of World War II, travel was made easier and more and more updated on the number of tour operator companies. This growing growth has kept its uptrend up to now, and many tour companies are continuing to work.

The tourism industry in the world,is in the first place in terms of income and breadth and can solve many economic, cultural and social blind nodes, including unemployment, capital turnover, handicrafts and the cultural goods industry , increases cultural exchanges, reduces crime, raises public culture, and so on.

What is a tour?

Many people decide when traveling to make an iran tour package through the iran tour agency to have less concern for their trips. This option sometimes makes you happy and sometimes disconcerts.

iran tour price is different in travel agency tours, and even there is a great deal of difference, so the right choice of the iran tour through the iran tour companies is one of the things Which needs to be carefully addressed to people with the least dissatisfaction.

What is a tour?

Fortunately, the Iran tourism industry has grown significantly. Iran tourist has been considered in recent years, so that foreign tourists from many different countries visit the iran tourist attractions annually and tourist cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, Tabriz and etc. enter the country in the form of iran tour, bringing together memorable memories that do not go unnoticed until the end of their lives.

How is Iran?

Iran is a country with more than 80 million people in the southwest of Asia, and is 17in terms of the size. Tehran is the iran tourism center as the capital of the country and the most populous city in Iran. The official language of Iran is Persian and riyal rate is the official rate of Iran.

How is Iran?

85% of Iranians are Muslim. Iran is neighboring with the countries of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan and the east with the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan and the eastern part with Turkey and Iraq.

Iran runs from the north to the Caspian Sea and from the south to Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea, which are the major oil and gas fields of the world.

tour iran: Iran is one of the top tourist destinations that attracts many tourists ...

Iran is one of the top tourist destinations that attracts many tourists every year in the form of an iran tour. An incredibly diverse country, is one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Indeed, iran tours are an ideal destination for all those who are interested in discovering old civilizations and new cultures. The country is full of ideal places for iran travel tours due to its numerous landmarks, as well as its unique climate variation (country with 4 seasons at a time).

The wonderful land of Iran is a less well-known destination in the world of travel and trip and tourists are often referred to Iran as “travel the unknown”, but this lack of reputation is not due to the lack of significance, as has been said before, The rich, thousands of years of culture, rugged mountains, biodiversity, desert and forest nature, security, and most importantly the hospitality culture have made Iran one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

How is Iran?

Persian tours make possible the presence of global explorers to step into this ancient and fascinating land and observe the narrative of the pride of the historical ages of this land, and international airlines have made all effort to achieve this goal.

Important Regions of Iran

Iran has a lot of tourist areas and it can be said that some of the most important historical monuments of the world and tourist areas such as Persepolis and the Naghsh-e-Jahan called the Iran tourism center, are located in these areas.

Important Regions of Iran

Every year, many tourists come to travel to see these historical monuments with tour groups to iran, so we can say that the iran tour is one of the most interesting and exciting tours.

Weather in Iran

Iran is characterized by rainfall in the semi-arid and dry areas. The weather varies considerably in different cities, so that the temperature of two cities sometimes reaches 50 ° C.

Weather in Iran

In the north, the country has temperate mountainous weather, with many mountains that are suitable for adventur tours and climbing tours.

There are also many deserts in the southeastern region, which are suitable for tourists in the form of the iran desert tour. On this basis, there are sure to be some people who are going to buy iran tours, you must read the weather in that city.

Airports in iran

Many daily flights are organized by Iranian airports in the form of persia tours and many foreign and Iranian Airlines flying Iran tours from Europe, tours to iran from uk, iran tours from pune.

Airports in iran

The most important airport in Iran, which is for tourists who intend to iran tour are:

What are the most important tourist cities in Iran?

One interesting point about Iran is that, unlike many Asian and even European countries that have become world-famous for their tourist cities, Iran has a global reputation with all its cities, and the whole world views Iran as an attractive country. (For season), with ancient civilization.

cities iran tour: What are the most important tourist cities in Iran?

Most tourists in the world’s top tourist sites, such as lonelyplant and tripadvisor, have introduced the most important tourist destinations in Iran:

1) Western cities such as Ilam, Kurdistan, Kermanshah

2) Southern Iranian cities such as Kish Island (Free Trade Zone Kish), Qeshm Island, Hormuz Island and Abadan City.

3) iran beaches

4) Northern cities of Iran

5) Shiraz

6) Isfahan

7) Yazd

8) Tabriz

9) Tehran

10) Mashhad


12) Kerman

13) Rasht


Advantages of iran tour

Some of the benefits of using the iran tour include group travel, team members’ familiarity with each other, familiarization with sightseeing, historical, farming, pilgrimage, and more.

Sometimes there are good things going on in iran tours, which has brought about good luck and joy. Persia tours have made friends, businesses and commerce more familiar with travelers. The use of the iran tour is the best way to travel and relaxed imagination for every traveler.

Advantages of iran tour

Travel agencies and airlines By creating tour groups to iran; tours to Iran (small group tours to iran) in the form of recreational, tourism, pilgrimage, cultural and artistic, commercial, sports, educational, exhibition, medical tours and Etc. have created opportunities for tourists to travel easily.

Iran tours offer services such as: tickets and visas, hotel reservations, travel plans, tour guide, travel insurance from airport to hotel and in return, specified patrols and other services (often in the form of contracts between agencies Travel and air of two countries of origin and destination).

Advantages of iran tour

Traveling tourists are advised to arrange their iran tour from travel and air travel agencies and pay close attention to all the provisions of the contract when considering the iran tour packages price.

Important Tips before selecting iran tour

Before you contact a travel agency for a tour package inquiry please know what you want, otherwise you will be faced with a variety of services and choices ahead of you.

Important Tips before selecting iran tour

Choose the destination of the tour in iran and then call to book a tour. Be sure to know the number of days on the destination tour, some agencies hold an iran 7 day tour, and some will hold one day tour. Stay patiently and ask what you like to know.

Do not forget that the agencies are also the operator of the iran coming tour operators and one of the travel agency services is providing travel advice. The use of iran tour does not mean that you will be in the process of traveling with other fellow travelers.

Some iran tours only provide you with an iran travel service, such as accommodation and transport, and give you the freedom to choose patrols. These patrols are usually provided at the hotel’s premises and will be charged to you.

Important Tips before selecting iran tour

Try to get information about the iran highlight tour, and even to use the iran tour, to agencies that are of the same type of travel or the destination you are looking for. Agencies that are directly booking various travel services and are not affiliated with another company. These agencies are called the parent agency or brokerage agency.

Other agencies are selling packages made by parent agencies, or so-called floating agencies. By carefully studying the best tours to iran by select reputable agencies with special features. In the section of tours to Iran, the following services are provided at most travel agencies:

1) Getting tourism visas to Iran

2) Personalized trip planning

3) The provision of iran tour packages; on known and unknown routes

4) Pilgrimage tours, nature tourism tours, cultural tours, tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, city tours, conference services, conferences, special events tours and iran adventure tours .

5) Booking Resorts and Hotels in all parts of Iran

6) Providing domestic and foreign flights

7) Transportation services; Interstate and interurban routes and airport transfers

Important Tips before selecting iran tour

Make an enjoyable trip with book at the travel agencies at the iran tour. In addition to the tour packages, the package includes a tour of the city, daily routine, etc., which allows you to choose the tourist destination in Iran and to know about the natural, historical, religious and other attractions. Book your hotel tour with your favorite travel services.

A variety of hotels and flights allow you to select and book your iran tour among a wide range of iran tours so you can easily and in the shortest time possible hotels, flights, prices Compare the iran tour, hotel location, etc., and finally book the best iran tours at the travel agency.

Important Tips before selecting iran tour

Online reserve of iran tour offers many benefits, including:

* Iran tour reservation anywhere in the world

* Optional travel services

* Get a definite hotel vouchers

* saving time

* Hotel review and comparison

* Ability to check and compare flights

Best iran tours

Nowadays, all countries of the world are working on introducing their country to the people of the world and they are introducing various tourist attractions to their country, Iran, which currently has 21 internationally registered works and iran tour It is interesting and for many people in the world that it needs more effort to introduce and attract tourists.

In this regard, iran tours and tourism companies are being set up using experience. Many are determined to contribute to the attraction of foreign tourists. iran tour is one of the best-selling travel agencies that can accompany the traveler at all stages, from the arrival of the passenger to the passenger’s departure from Iran, along with the passenger’s travel guide.

Best iran tours

To accompany iran tours vary according to the needs of travelers, and the number of nights and towns with all services can be changed. Agencies are required to welcome their guests to Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport with their own special boards and, in the explanation, guide the passenger and guide them with a small passenger reception.

During the course of the airport to the hotel, the necessary information is provided, then the relevant driver will perform all the relevant tasks of accepting the passenger and coordinate the travel plan with the passenger. Examples of tours to Iran include:

Incaming tours

This iran tour includes pilgrimage tours (Mashhad, Qom, Jamkaran, etc.), travel tours and exhibition tours.

iran group tour

This tour iran provide with the best services and vip patrols with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and payment of all entrances by vip buses and interurban trips with Flight.

iran group tour

Nature Tour

One of the best ways to become more familiar with the cities of Iran is tour iran as a ground tourism and as a group called the “Nature Tour”.

Nature tours generally cover a wide range of surfing tours in nature, and can in the form of one-day nature-nature tours, two-day nature tours, nature-walks tours of several days and for various purposes.

Nature Tour

Nature tourism destinations are different depending on different seasons. For example, in the autumn and early spring, most of the iran desert tour (such as the Mesr Desert and the Maranjab desert) is popular.

There are many fans from the early spring to the fall of the North Tours (Masouleh, Filband, Masal, Alimistan, etc.). In general, depending on how you enter Iran in a season with iran tour and how the weather conditions of the area are, different nature tours are held in Iran.

iran desert tour

This iran tour is one of the most attractive tourist destinations for many residents of European countries who do not enjoy the natural beauty of the world.

iran desert tour

Unique features of the wilderness, which is found in many parts of the world, is a melting sand, its flora and fauna, its calmness and its unique horizons, the severity of the climatic conditions, and the many differences between the night and the day.

such as memorials the history and adaptations that human life has found in desert areas over time, along with the stories that have occurred to deserts, caravans and deserts, has always turned the wilderness into an unmatched attraction of nature, and tourists is eager to visit the desert and experience desert conditions.

 iran private tours

If you wish to travel to Iran with your family or friends, you should travel to Iran in the form of a private tour. This iran tour will be held privately and family to all the landmarks of Iran, including mountainous forests of the sea.

iran private tours

Most agencies have been working to recreate foreign tourists traveling to Iran and create private and family travel packages. Touring is usually between one and ten people.

Medical tourism Tour

It is a type of tourism in which a tourist travels for medical purposes. In addition, this kind of tour iran trips that health service providers (doctors, nurses, etc.) to treat patients.

Medical tourism Tour

Ancient works tours

This iran tour is a subset of cultural tourism aimed at increasing the interest of people in ancient sites and preserving them. Visit to ancient sites, museums, ancient artifacts, historical performances, and historical festivals are among the activities related to this type of tourism.

One of the major concerns of archeological tourism is the examination of the positive and negative effects of visiting tourists from ancient sites. Currently, these effects are being studied in different countries and guidelines have been published for tourism service providers and tourists.

Ancient works tours

For example, in the United States, the Archaeological Institute of America, the Adventure Travel Trade Association and the Archaeological Magazine have also provided guidebooks for tourists and tourist service providers, including articles on how to use and visit ancient artifacts, so that Minimal damage to these works.

One of the attractions of archaeological tourists is visiting the living history parks. In these parks, staff wearing historic costumes and taking visitors back in time.

Halal tourism

This tour is considered to be a religious tourism subset. In this iran tour hotels serve Islamic meals, and alcoholic drinks are generally prohibited, the Qibla direction is certain, and there are prayer rug in the rooms.

In this type of tourism, even special flights are not offered in which pork is served. During these flights, the Azan will be brought to the attention of travelers, and programs and entertainment will be used in accordance with Islamic law.

The countries of the Middle East have a lot of potential to expand this type of tourism. Currently, Malaysia and Turkey are also trying to attract tourists interested in this type of tourism.

Halal tourism

At present, Turkey with a slogan of the “Sun, sea and halal!” Has called Muslims tourists whose travels were limited to religious sites so far. And the Crescent Tours and Islamic Travels Agency of Turkey have targeted the British Muslim Tourism Market (2 million).

In addition to Britains, Muslims from other countries such as Bosnia, Spain and Asian countries also choose Turkey to spend their holidays in an Islamic environment. Halal Tours are assisted by Muslim Guides, and the tour program sometimes involves getting to know a Muslim family and spending one night at this family’s home.

Agricultural tour

This iran tour, called agricultural tourism, is generally a type of tourism that brings tourists to the farm and garden and includes a wide range of activities, including: buying products directly from farms, Farms, picking fruit from trees and crops from the farm, feeding to animals and even staying or working on a farm.

In addition, activities such as horse riding, tasting honey, familiarity with cheese production, the purchase of agricultural products and indigenous crafts are considered as agricultural tourism. Establishing agricultural exhibitions and festivals are also another type of agricultural tourism.

Agricultural tour

This kind of tourism in the world is expanding, especially in Australia, Canada, the United States and the Philippines and held less in Iran. Agricultural tourism aims to acquaint tourists with the importance of agriculture in the history of a country, its role and importance in today’s life, and the creation of a sense of back rest from farmers in the tourist and contribute to sustainable agriculture.

Today it is planned for agricultural tourism in different countries, and in this planning, it is necessary to use the participation of indigenous people. With the development of cities and the removal of people from farms and gardens, people become curious about the places where their daily food is cooked.

Agricultural tour

They are more and more interested in getting acquainted with those who feed them daily and staying at their feet. For many tourists, especially children, this is the first time they see how a cow is being felled, how the corn grows, or how much apples are picked from the tree.

Dude Ranches are farms that allow tourists to work and participate in farm work. Among the other types of top iran tour, we can mention the following:

Cultural & Social Tours (explorer tours)

This is a iran tour with the aim of familiarizing with the cultures and customs, and the monuments and works of history with educational and research purposes (see museums, etc.).

Social tour

This is a tour iran, where tourists travel with an anthropological and sociological view.

Commercial tours (attend in markets and …)

This iran tour depends on the trade relations between the countries. Like Iran’s relations with China, France and other countries.

Commercial tours (attend in markets and ...)

Political tour

This is an iran tour with the aim of participating in international gatherings, political congresses, national and religious celebrations and so on.

Organized tourism

When the trips to Iran are carried out according to pre-set schedules, they are called “Organized”. This kind of tours usually include several tourists and tours. This kind of tourism is done by travel agencies and institutions.

Types of organized tours

Comprehensive tours

This iran tour usually occurs in groups of 10, 14, 15, 20, 25 people, and the cost of this trip is low. Expenditure on air and land freight and food, transport, and recreational areas. (The total cost of these items should be cheaper than personalized tickets).

Comprehensive group tours

In this tour iran, the number of people is more than 25 people and the price is lower. In this type of tour, there is one tour guide. In these types of tours, there are also incentive tours for offices and institutions.

Comprehensive group tours

Ancestry Tourism

This is tour iran with the aim of tourism and travel in order to recognize the genealogy and the history of Iranian ancestors.

Educational tourism

This is an iran tour with the purpose of traveling for the sake of study or special skills, for example, traveling to a region to get acquainted with how to cook a special meal or work with a famous chef.

Gardening tourism

This iran tour is aimed at visiting beautiful gardens like the gardens of Shiraz.

Adventurous tour

This is an iran tour with the purpose of traveling to do something dangerous such as Damavand Mountaineering Tour and so on. The g adventures iran and many others are active in organizing these tours.

Adventurous tour

Cultural Heritage Tour

This iran tour is like a trip to visit monuments or large industrial buildings.

Virtual Tour

This tour iran takes place without physical presence and travel, and travels to destinations through the Internet, books and magazines.

Recreational tourism

This is a iran tour with the purpose of traveling for a special recreation or meeting with a group whose favorite recreation is with you.

Special Tourism

This is an iran tour for people with disabilities or patients with special conditions.

Popular Culture tourism

This is a tour iran with the purpose of a journey decided upon by a tourist after studying a book or watching a movie about the destination.

Sports Tours

This is an iran tour with the purpose of traveling for a particular sport or a sporting event.

Sports Tours

Cheap iran tours

The price of most of the iran tours is low and convenient, and the services offered are of high quality and desirable. However, depending on the price options, they may vary. Sometimes your stay in a luxury hotel may be 5 stars, sometimes in a residence Native to the desert or forest. For each iran tour, it defines the price of the service offered to you separately.

Cheap iran tours

On most sites, you can see cheap tours by entering a destination and a return journey with a simple search in the tour window, and see travel plans and time of departure and return to the source. Also, by logging in to valid sites, you can see iran tours, which is hosted by the Agency, and click on any of the details of the price and travel plan, accommodation, lodging and travel services.

You can also see cheap tours of Iran to all the provinces and its beautiful islands such as Qeshm Island, Hormuz Island, Kish Island, and Mashhad, Yazd, Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan, and northern cities, and with the right travel expenses and services. Go to a vast country and a multi-thousand-year civilization of Iran with its pristine landscapes.

tour iran: Cheap iran tours

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Conclusion and summary of the article in a minute

Introducing the best tours of Iran, tour and some travel agency services, etc. In a general look:

  • The term tourism is defined as a set of elements of travel, including accommodation, transportation, feeding, patrol, and the like.
  • In 1841, a person named Thomas Cook initiated the first major group tour and planned it.
  • Every year, millions of tourists from different countries enter the country to visit the iran tourist attractions and their tourist cities in the form of iran tour.
  • Iran is full of ideal places for iran travel tours due to numerous spectacular cities as well as its unique climate variation (country with 4 seasons at a time).
  • Iran is characterized by rainfall in the semi-arid and dry areas. The weather varies widely among cities, so different tours are held in all regions of Iran.
  • The eight airports in Iran are the most important airports for tourists who want to travel to iran tour.
  • Iran has a global reputation with all its cities and is considered as an attractive country (For season) with many ancient Iranian civilizations iran tours.
  • One of the tips for choosing a iran tour and contacting the travel agency is to be sure what you want.
  • In the section of incoming tours to Iran, services such as obtaining a tourist visa to Iran, planning personalized trips, etc. are offered at most travel agencies.
  • Due to the diversity of airspace and beaches, islands, jungles, deserts, etc., Iran has diverse tours, such as a tour of the desert tour, a climbing tour, and so on.

In the end, we propose to see a list of other Iranian and other tourist sites on our site to learn more about planning for a trip to the vast and beautiful country of Iran in a variety of tours.