iran travel visa

iran travel visa

iran travel visa

Iran travel visa

There are rules for travel visa receipt. Purpose of rule in this part is the same policies that Iran country enacts for entrance of foreign people. Of course rules and passing that process are not similar for the whole countries and Iran visa receipt is different for each nation and each country. For example, taking Iran visa may take time several months for an American citizen. Of course, in the meantime, there are countries that can arrive in Iran without Iran visa and only with having passport also period of 6 months. These countries consist of Lebanon, Georgia, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and Azerbaijan republic. Of course time of staying in Iran country for these seven countries is proportion to diplomatic agreement between countries.

Required documents for Iran visa receipt

Necessary documents for Iran visa receipt are following cases that people should supply and present mentioned cases for its receipt.

  • Colored scan from traveler passport to Iran that this scan should be completely clear.
  • colored photo scan of traveler with dimension 6*4
  • Scan of the first page of characteristics that is different for each country. In other words, scan of the first page of traveler identity card to Islamic Iran republic country.
  • Completing online form and its delivery to embassies of Iran country.
  • Time of Iran embassy from Iran country, embassy and presentation of required document of Iran visa receipt.

  Receive quality of Iran visa

Generally, there are two ways for receiving Iran visa that we describe them:

1) Each person, individually refers to building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran and takes action by completing documents and commitment letter signature regarding to entrance of a foreign person. In these times, a person passes stages proportion to conditions and standards that there are for Iran visa receipt.

2) Action via travel agencies that they have receipt license. Of course, it is suggested that you select second way for the comfort of the work and fast development of the work for Iran visa receipt.