Iran visa cost

Iran visa cost

Visa cost depends on rate to dollars price in Iran.

Visa cost depends on rate to dollars price in Iran.

Required documents for request of Iran visa

1) Individual characteristic form including job place and occupation and residence, telephone number.

2) Passport with signature with at least 7 months validity from return passenger date (previous passports).

3) Identify card accompanied by copy of the whole pages.

Visa request and issuance rules

1) If visa is exported with each reason such as embassy holiday, nominal (name) or face similarity of passenger, political differences and so on, later than appointed time or don’t give visa to a passenger, this office will not have any responsibility. Evidently, this office is only visa requester from embassy not visa exporter.

2) If person visa or persons (even from group) is derived by migration office with each reason is rejected or later than appointed time, any responsibility is undertaking agency and related fines (including ticket burning is undertaking passenger and other passengers is obliged to use requested services, if dispense is obliged to play all sum of requested services (containing tickets, visas, hotels and other requested services).

3)If visa is not given to a passenger with each reason later than appointed time, any sum will not be returned to passengers on account of visa or invitation card and the whole expenses of changing date and (or)cancelling ticket and hotel are undertaking passenger.

4) Its better that ticket issuance and hotel reservation are made after visa issuance and receipt because each kind of probable damage is undertaking passenger due to absence of visa issuance.

5) Responsibility of control and checking, being correct first name and last name, validity date, kind of visa, followers names, visa contents while receiving visa are undertaking passenger.

6) Each kind of price change in above rates is undertaking passenger because of oscillations of foreign exchange rate or being expensive from embassy.

7) As visa is also necessary for passenger’s escort in passport, also escort visa request should be sent in the form of written.

8) If necessary, passport owner should attend in embassy in Iran.

9) Control of the whole passenger’s documents is undertaking requester’s agency.

10) Having passport with at least 7 months validity is undertaking passenger.

11) Address and telephone of passenger’s residence and job place are necessary.

12) For receiving visa, written request is required.

13) The whole visa expense is received before action.

14) Visa is taken action only for ticket or hotel.

15) Sending documents and visa request mean acceptance of the whole above cases.