isfahan airport

isfahan airport

National Shahid Beheshti airport of Isfahan is one of the oldest airports of the country that has been located in a field to area 1041hectare and height1542 meter from the sea level.

Isfahan airport

National Shahid Beheshti airport of Isfahan is one of the oldest airports of the country that has been located in a field to area 1041 hectare and height 1542 meter from the sea level. Initial location of this airport was Soffeh of Isfahan that has been transferred to a desert region in east of Isfahan now. Isfahan airport started to work in 1982 year with the purpose of programmatic and no programmatic, didactic air service presentation and doing passenger flights.

Terminal and facilities of Isfahan Shahid Beheshti airport

Isfahan Shahid Beheshti airport enjoys facilities such as systems and navigation equipment’s and Epruch radar, flooring car, snowmobile and sweepers for safety in flight areas, two bands in length 4397 and width 45 meter,13 taxis V and 10 reception places for kinds of available passenger airplane. One of the advantages of this airport is it ‘suitable distance from urban lands. This affair has been caused that there aren’t many of airports problems of other countries such as making sound pollution for residents about this airport.

Internal terminal

Internal terminal of Isfahan airport is special for internal flights. This terminal has been formed parts such as airline business offices, taxi driving, check load and passenger, W.C, mother and baby’s room, reception hall of passenger, food stalls, hand crafts and souvenir, counter load delivery and flight card issuance  and restaurant, entrance hall and load delivery, outlet hall for ride, cultural pavilion, dock hall, car parking and flight information.

External terminal

External terminal as it’s name implies, is special for external flights. This terminal also has been formed the parts such as Halloween, reception hall of passenger, passport section, outlet hall and waiting for a ride, customs, entrance hall and load delivery, W.C, flight information and food stall and souvenir.

Isfahan airport parking

Shahid Beheshti airport of Isfahan has a classes parking with area 5472 square meter in 4 floors. Admission capacity of this parking is also 320 cars. Furthermore, an outdoor parking has been located with area 23570 square meter, external and internal terminal coaxies that has admission capacity of 850 cars.

Access ways to Isfahan airport

Urban bus: Bus line of Isfahan airport transmits passengers from airport to Kave terminal and vice versa every day.

Airport taxi: Taxi services in airport are provided by a company affiliated with management and supervision organization on taxi driver of Isfahan city. Settlement office and location of this company is also in internal terminal that provides services 24 hours a day.