isfahan tour

isfahan tour

isfahan tour

If you are interested in seeing Isfahan, half the world, and want to get to know the most beautiful cultural capital of the Islam world, travel to Isfahan. The culmination of the genius of Islamic and Iranian architecture togheter with is Isfahan artists art are your host. That is why Isfahan is called “half of the world”.

Since thousands of years ago, this city was welcomed by Isfahan tourists by train or Isfahan Air Tour, and has attracted countless trips in the form of cheap Isfahan tours, each one praising the city’s magnificence and beauty.

Nasir Khusraw, a poet and one of the most astute tourists in the world who knew well, what should he choose from what he saw on his journeys and write them in such a way his readers would feel that they were personally were with him and that everything would be in his sight, write about Esfahan who he met: “it is a city surrounded by a tight and very tall fences and has twelve gates, streams of water flowing along the beautiful and high houses that I see everywhere in the city tell me about prosperity and development.”

Isfahan was selected as the cultural capital of the Islamic world and Islamic Iranian civilization. It has a beautiful Islamic architecture and many beautiful boulevards, indoor bridges, palaces, unique mosques, minarets and unique sweets (Gaz, Polaki, etc.). In three days, you can explore this capital of Islamic culture and art.

You can go to the memorials of the Safavid and Qajar era, go to Khaju Bridge and si-o-sepool, masterpieces of the bridge making of the Safavid period. Then see Naghshe-jahan square. Like Mashhq square in Tehran, it has too a lot of memories of Isfahan’s political and social history.

You know that it is not only important in Isfahan but also in Iran, which is one of the first works being global registration in Iran. Walk in Naghshe-Jahan. Go to the Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque. The non-minaret mosque is a masterpiece in the architecture and tile work of the Safavid era.

Continue on your way to the Ali- Qapoo mansion, the headquarters of the Safavid government, and sit in the Imam Mosque with a different look of the Safavid architecture, and buy Gaz and Poolaki from Naghshe-jahan bazaar and eat Gooshefil and doogh.

A trip to the land of the azure Domes is complete by visiting one of the oldest monuments of Isfahan and Iran.  Jameh mosque of Isfahan, with a thousand years old, brings the glory of Iranian civilization to the face of any viewer.

Visit the Esfahan fire temple an ancient monument dating back to the Sassanid era, one of the seven great fire temples of Iran during the Sassanid Ghobad. Complete the journey to Isfahan by searching for the secret of the architecture of Menar Jonban monument, the amazing construction of Iranian historic architecture.

Where to see in isfahan?

Seeing the waterfalls in this area is interesting.

Poonehzar Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is near Fereydoun Shahr, and to see it, you must continue to the path towards Aligudarz to reach the Fereydoun Shahr after 20 km. Enter the Fereydoun Shahr Road and then head to the Chogyort Village, 13 km away from the waterfall, and guide posts guide you to the waterfall . Getting to this waterfall requires mount climbing.