kish island tourism

kish island tourism

Kish is the most important tourism and commercial island of Iran that yearly attracts many tourists from inside and outside Iran.

kish island tourism

Kish is the most important tourism and commercial island of Iran that yearly attracts many tourists from inside and outside Iran. This island contains many natural, historical, religious and recreative views that some of them have been referred in the following:

Greek ship

Watching Greek ship in the beach sunset is other known tourism attraction in kish island. Although this ship is not historic but it has created such beautiful pictures from Kish sunset that gradually was transformed to a location for gathering tourists. It was 1345 year that suddenly natives of Kish Island encountered a big ship that was ground near Baghu village. It is said that maybe this ship is ground in the beach because of being foggy weather and lack of lighthouse. This ship was built in Glasgow Scotland in 1322 year, exactly while Iran was involved in Coup d’ etat and when it was ground, was in the hands of Greeks and because of that, they have entitled Greek ship. For visit of this ship, Kish free places officials took action to establish coastal park of Greek ship with area 60,000 square meter and creating Amphitheater, cafeteria, Persian and Lebanese restaurant, stands for sale of snacks, skate fare stations, bicycle and sports goods sale in the surrounding environment of sitting in mud (being ground) Greek ship and in the same way, a new attraction was established for tourists.

Water sports

Kish was also water sports center of Iran from many years ago. Diving is the most important branch of water sports that from many years ago was commissioned in Kish and even didactic schools was also started. Underwater amazements in Kish island is to some extent that tourists in wish of diving in this island in different seasons of the year, go to Kish to observe and enjoy limpid world of underwater and colorful corals and wonderful aquatics of this island from near.

Amusement pier

Amusement pier is a collection that has placed in itself recreative facilities such as jet ski, pedal boats(with capacity of 4 people),fishing boats, row boats, watery tricycles, diving facilities and glass floor boats that tourists use it for watching wonderful beautiful aquatics world of Persian Gulf. Apart from the diving schools, there are other watery sports in Kish that are considered by tourists. The best place for watery sports in Kish, is recreative pier collection of Kish that has been located in proximity of several other recreational collection. In all marine  clubs and amusement pier of Kish, watery and recreative sports such as jet ski, parasl umbrellas, Banana and shuttle, water skiing, Bagi, board fly and marine scooter and boat riding with rapid and sail boats are supplied that their rate is from 12000 to 100,000 tomans.


Kish Island is the center of setting up various festivals. From music festivals to shopping festivals and special festivals of each season are scheduled and performed in this island. In the same way, package of trip to Kish will be complete and exciting. You can recreate in Persian Gulf waters and coastal recreative centers and while evening, purchase various products with sightseeing in passages of this land. Kish is not famous only to famous Dolphins park and birds garden anymore and now has been transformed (changed)to centralized point from all tourism facilities of Iran in the country south. From pistes of ice skating to go to the depths of cerulean waters of Persian Gulf companion with various aquatics and watching colorful corals all and all are provided.