mashhad tourism

mashhad tourism

Imam Reza harem is one of the best and the most soothing places for Muslims even tourists.Yearly,20 million pilgrims from all over the world depart Mashhad for pilgrimage of the eighth shiites Imam.Some of Mashhad tourist attractions

mashhad tourism

Mashhad is often known as shrine of Imam Reza and Ferdowsi tomb by Iranians, and even tourists from other countries while the city is full of attractive and natural tourist attractions, each of which can be a tourist attraction itself. We intend to talk about the various historical, recreational and cultural collections in this city, so that you could tour and travel, and make a great trip as well as pilgrimage trip to Mashhad. Stay with us to know some of Mashhad’s attractions:

Nadershah Afshar shrine

One of valuable and historical building that there is in this city, is Nadershah Afshar shrine that is located in Mashhad attractions list as commemoration of Iran ancients. Nadershah Afshar ordered while his life to be built a little shrine at the top of Mashhad Street.

This new building that was located in present place of his shrine, was established awhile until Iran national works assembly in 1956 year A.D aimed to establish a suitable shrine for him at the same place of tomb of Qavam al-Saltanah. The length of time that it’s built lasted, continued from 1957 year to 1963 year.

Vakil Abad Park

Other attraction of Mashhad is Vakil Abad Park that is counted another promenades of this city and has been located in south-western in Mashhad. This area, also has been considered by inhabitants of this city and it’s passengers because of it’s antiquity and lying in a pleasing valley from far away to now.

This forest park in the past was known in the name of Myrrhaz or Vakil Abad Garden in 1969 year A.D, formally became consecration of public use and was transferred to Mashhad municipality.

Botanical Garden

Maybe it can be said that Botanical Garden of Mashhad is one of the best attractions of this city because it has formed various parts and you can observe herbal series of vegetative area of Iran, herbal Arboretum and systematic series, Iranian native fruit garden, needle berry herbal collection, dramatic series of rocky garden and so on.

This garden has been built for the purpose of protecting and maintaining plants and having breath of the living genes in this city. This garden is located in Islamic republic boulevard contour of Moghaddam intersection and Ghadir square.

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Cheshme -sabz Lake

Cheshme sabz lake is one of the tourist attractions located in Khorasan Razavi province and is located in one of the highest points of the Binalud mount  and  50 km of  west of Mashhad. This mountain lake, which is located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, is large enough to use its water to irrigate the gardens and agricultural lands of this area.

Kooh sangi complex

The second largest park in Mashhad after Mellat Park is the Koohsangi complex which is located on the list of attractions in Mashhad and is also located in the southwest of this city. Koohsangi Park is located on the edge of high mountains and is one of the oldest villages in Mashhad.

This area is one of the most popular resorts in the Mashhad and has a lot of reputation   because one of the kings of Iran- Shah Abbas-crowned in this area. The park is a combination of water, rock and greenery and light. The building of the Great Museum of Khorasan, with a pattern from the architecture of the Kalat Naderi Palace, has given a beautiful effect to this collection.

Ferdowsi’s tomb

One of the valuable attractions of Mashhad is the tomb of Ferdowsi whose works are one of the most valuable literary works of Iran. Ferdowsi’s Tomb is located 20 km from Mashhad City in Tous. This was inspired by the architecture of the Achaemenid period and was designed and reconstructed.

The reconstruction and building of it began in 1964 at the request of the National Monuments Association and ended in 1970.  This 900-meters building is made of pillars, rocks and tiles, in which elements of the Achaemenid in columns and capital are used. On the 4th side of this tomb is a poem written by Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi.

Haft hooz Natural Park

This park is one of the other attractions of Mashhad, which is located at the heart of the Khalaj Mountains. This park is 7 km from Mashhad and has seven ponds. In order to access this area after entering the Seyedi Township and the Khalaj road and passing about 3 km from this road, you come to a fork and you have to go on the left until reach to a square. If you are planning to travel to this area, then park yourcar after reaching this area and walk about 2 km from the route to reach the Haft Hooz.