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tabriz attractions

Tabriz city has been always considered regarding it’s strategic place and also abundant natural resources. This issue caused that governers and people’s traces remain in each period of history. The traces that have many stories (tales) for saying and some of them are still life symbol in this city. We review some of these traces.

Tabriz clock tower

Tabriz clock tower is actually Tabriz municipality clock tower. This palace has been located in center of this city and in 1936 year operation of it’s built has been started with Reza Shah’s command and has been finished after 4 years. Clock of this palace is one of Tabrize’s characteristics. The height of the clock is about 30 meter and it has four page in four sides and every 15 minutes declares time to people with t’s ting.

The use of this building is currently for the museum and meanwhile Tabriz mayor’s meetings and official visits of Tabriz are held here. This palace contains different halls that each one are allocated to special subject. Like hall, old cameras, carpet, contemporary art and so on. Via metro station and BRT of time square and Khaghani bus station, you can arrive at this palace.

Tabriz fire tower

Yanqi brick tower or fire tower has been one of innovations that about 100 years ago has been used for monitoring city in Tabriz. This tower has 23 meter height and inside it with a spiral staircase, we reach on top of the tower. There are eight light towers on top of the tower in different directions that have been used for observation and recognition of places (locations) that the fires have been happened. At present, this tower has been located in fire station enclosure, intersection of Khaghani and Bahadori Street.

Azerbaijan museum

Azerbaijan museum has been located beside the blue mosque and nearby time square. Important historical traces are kept in this museum from periods of prehistory and before Islam to Islamic era. From view point of importance, traces of this museum are located after ancient Iran museum of Tehran. BRT station of the blue mosque is the best way for arriving at this museum.

Tabriz historical bazaar that toggles the title of the largest indoor market in the world and is header of Tabriz in recorded UNESCO world heritage historical sights. Alishah citadel, Eil goli visitable park, poets tomb(Shahriar’s tomb), modern passages, red mountain of Fam Einali and it’s Gondola lift, recreative and Baghlarbaghi amusement park collection, Tabriz municipality mansion, blue mosque, several museum(Azerbaijan, iron age,…) and old houses are part of Tabriz attractiveness’s as a tourist city.

Besides visiting Tabriz, you can enjoy following sights around this city. Some of these sights are Sahand mountain, Marand ski pist, Kandovan village, Zanuzoogh village, Oushtobin village, Istepanus tradition kandovan, Zahak castle, Urmia lake and so on.