sheraz hotel

sheraz hotel

Shiraz is a tourism city and because of this, you will have ahead of you many options and price varieties. Many varieties in kind and price of hotel and residencies in Shiraz will put very open your hand in choosing

sheraz hotel

Where to stay in Shiraz

Shiraz is a tourism city and because of this, you will have ahead of you many options and price varieties. Many varieties in kind and price of hotel and residencies in Shiraz will put very open your hand in choosing. In the following, you can see some of classifications of hotels and select suitable residency and proportional to your tact’s.

Luxury hotels Shiraz

From view point of passengers and tourists, the highest score belongs to luxury and five star hotel. Cost of one night’s staying in these hotels, usually starts from 340 thousands toman. Some of five star hotels of Shiraz can be referred to big hotel of Shiraz, Zandiyeh, Homa and Chamran. These hotels have maximum score from view point of their passengers. All these five star hotels provide facilities in level of the best day hotels of the world to their passengers. Other luxury hotels of Shiraz in the order of the highest score from view point of passengers are 4 star hotels of Stars, Royal, Sa’adi’s park in Shiraz, Elizeh , Aryou barzan and Parseh.

Middle classical hotels Shiraz

Shiraz contains many middle classical and economic hotels that puts in authority of passengers and tourists good and acceptable facilities with more suitable price. Some of middle classical hotels consist of:

*Three star hotel of Amir Kabir, tourist complex of Shiraz, traditional Vakil hotel, Eram and citadel of Shiraz contain the highest score from view point of passengers.

*Two star hotels of Nasirolmolk, Lotf Alikhan, Aryan, Sasan, Anahita and traditional Niayesh hotel are other middle classical hotels of Shiraz.

Niayesh boutique hotel Shiraz

Building of this hotel of two stars has beautiful architecture and colorful glasses, view of brick, traditional beds of the yard, prosperous trees, tank (pool) and waterfront of enclosure take you to the pasts.

Also, although hotel has been located in a cozy and quiet local, it has good access to sights of the city and if you are walker, with a little walk in the city’s historic texture you can reach to the attractions such as Vakil bath, Shah Cheragh mosque, Elephant’s house and so on. Traditional Niayesh hotel, also have provided good welfare facilities for passengers and the guests of this hotel can taste kinds of tasty foods and drinks in restaurant’s and coffee shop of the hotel.

*One star hotels of five Dari, Keivan, green house apratment hotel, also are counted middle classical and suitable hotels in Shiraz.

Traditional houses Shiraz

Since Shirazi’s people are very kind and warm, nothing better than being guest in Shirazi’s house can’t increase your travel enjoyment. But for not having such a situation, there are traditional houses in the city that bring situation of Shirazi’s houses.

Usually adventurous people are looking for staying in traditional houses and round canvas residencies and because their number is very high, many ancient houses have been restricted (the houses such as Parhami, Niayesh, Soovashoun and so on) that are ready to host with good facilities and very ideal for tourists so that if you intend to stay, you can visit and enjoy popular attractions of the city. So you don’t worry about staying and it’s kind in this city and continue your trip safely.

cheap hotels in shiraz iran

Are you looking for cheap hotels in Shiraz? Shiraz is one of the old and beautiful cities of Iran.

Knowing cheap hotels in Shiraz will provide comfortable and peaceful staying with many facilities in Shiraz for you.

Shiraz cheap hotel in Shiraz help you to be aware the newest and the salest cheap hotels in Shiraz.

Round canvas residency of Home of Garden of Iran and Terengand residency in Shiraz in addition to a suitable price have very interesting traditional space and cultural environment.

These residencies are very suitable for staying and regarding presented facilities are counted relatively cheap. One night price of staying in these residencies of each one, regarding kind and capacity of the room or selected suite is from 45 to 80 thousands tomans.