tabriz weather

tabriz weather

Tabriz is one of the cool cities of Iran. Weather of this city is from kind of semi-dry and in average, yearly has 280 millimeter rain

Azerbaijan-eastern province is a mountainous region and have cold and dry weather. Tabriz is not also exceptional from rule of this province and cold climate and low humidity.

Weather of this city is from kind of semi-dry and Average rainfall reported from this city in the year is 285 millimeter and commonly has long, cold and full of rain falls and winters that shape of rain is as snow sometimes.

In general, average of Tabriz air temperature in the hottest month of the year namely July equals to 25°c or higher or lower. Also in the coldest month of the year, air temperature of this city is -2/5°c.

tabriz iran weather

Spring: First month of this season in Tabriz has still winter mood (situation) and sometimes accompanies snowing but weather in May month, the air is warm and joyful.

Summer: Tabriz summer have moderate weather and is counted the best season for travel to this historical territory of Iran. Cool mornings and sunsets of this city is counted the best time for promenade and excursion in summer season.

Autumn: autumn in Tabriz especially in end month is very cold. Occasionally and long-time rainfall of rain and snow is autumn souvenir for people of this territory.

Winter: What you remember Tabriz in winter is tiresome cold and ardor memory and sever and continues raining of snow. Although these years, rate of snowing was decreased due to famine but still winter is remembered in Tabriz with background of snow white.

Sahand and Sabalan and Ghafelankooh and several other mountains companion with rivers and lakes have created special conditions for cities of Azerbaijan-eastern province and Tabriz city. If you plan to travel to Tabriz, the best time of travel to Tabriz is in summer and in the distance between July to September. However, if you are eager of eating famous cheese of Lighovan, it’s better to travel to Tabriz in the middle of October and experience ephemeral travel to Lighovan.