tehran tourism

tehran tourism

There are natural, historical, religious and recreative places in Tehran attract internal and external tourists toward themselves

tehran tourism

Tehran is one of important cities of Iran that since Qajar government was selected in order of Agha Mohammad khan Qajar as Iran capital and also has maintained this title until now. A territory with massive extent and many population that is remembered it like massive city in Iran center.

This area of the country can be considered a suitable option for excursion and travel with presence of natural, historical and cultural attractions and can be experienced an interesting and exciting, walking in Tehran with a good and suitable planning.

Tehran contains many attractions that in following, some of attractions and worth seeing areas are observed:

Azadi tower and square

Azadi tower and square, the mainest and the most famous Tehran symbol that was established for honoring of imperial 2500 years Iran celebrations. The square was designed and made in the form of oval and also in its center, Azadi tower by engineer Hossein Amanat with modelling ceiling of Sheikh Lotfallah square and respectively, contains area amounting to 50,000 mand height about 48 meter.

Milad tower

In west north of Tehran, communication tower of several purposes is located that is named Milad tower and can be introduced sixth tall communication tower of the world.

Construction that its build process took time 11 years. Today its remembered as one of the most important Tehran symbols because of great height and its outer appearance that user of construction head factor with 13000 m2 has allocated itself, title of the most extensive building among all communication towers of the world and is the host of many tourists from inside and outside of the country.

Golestan Palace

There is a building with record about 44o years and belonging to two governments: Qajariyeh and Zandiyeh in Tehran city that has won fame Golestan palace.

It’s interesting you know that its build process has been started since Agha Mihammad khan Qajar kingdom and while imperial of Fath-Ali shah has been finished. Of course, Golestan is name of one of this collection halls that it seems (that) it has been started Shah Abbas Safavi,s government period  and has been finished after passing of several years.

Shamsol emareh, Ivan Takht-e- Mar mar( balcony of marble bed), white palace, aquarium, Karim khan privacy, air trap building, Mirror hall, Salam Talar (Hello hall),marble bed, diamond hall, brilliant hall, ivory hall and aquarium of air trap building are counted different parts of this palace.

National Iran museum

A collection of worthful  and important historical monuments and before Iran history are maintained in two buildings, separately with each other in the names of ancient Iran museum and Islamic period museum that is known in the name of national Iran museum beside each other.

Nation Iran museum is the first formal Iran museum that it is remembered as mother museum and was exploited in 1996 years. National Iran museum is the first formal museum.

This museum is the most important and the most valuable country museum in the field of maintaining, search, and representation of archaeology Iran collections and also museum building is attractive from the view of architecture, in a manner that has attracted opinion of many of foreign tourists and internal tourists to themselves for visiting.

Dizin ski track (resort)

one of the most important ski tracks(resorts)in Iran and Middle East is Dizin ski track that was allocated to itself, the title of the first Iran ski track and received confirmation for holding formal races and took the title of international ski track.

This excursion area has been established in limitation of Alborz province, in Alborz Mountains in distance of 123 kilometer from Tehran and is the host of many tourists all over Iran.

Using this place is possible for all those interested from the end of fall(beginnings Azar month) to end of ordibehesht (in the middle of May). It is interesting you know that also, facility of using ski on grass has been provided for all those interested to exciting sports in summer.

Ab Nik village

A village that you can go to it for tourism in a day is Ab Nik village. This village is counted part of verdured and pleasant places of Shemiranat province that is counted one of Tehran attractions. For access to this village, you can move to 12 kilometer of north-eastern of Qeshm and arrive at this pleasant place with passing zaygan and Lalan villages.

Sa’ad abad palace

Other Tehran attractions are historic collection of Sa’ad abad palace that exactly like Golestan museum palace, you can visit both inside palace and it’s historic object and spend hours in the outer space and enjoy.

tourism in tehran

Nature Bridge

Nature Bridge is a three-story bridge of sidewalk and non-car that is located in Abbas Abad of Tehran. This bridge that is Tehran city symbols, crosses from the width of the highway teacher and joins Taleghani Boostans in east and water and fire in west to each other.

Along the bridge, spaces have been seen for cultural, recreative and tourism activities that for example, you can point to coffee shop, restaurant, cafe’ Gallery, Green space worked on the bridge that has created beautiful scenery beside the curvature of the body.

This place is counted excellent for double appointments and besides even though you are also alone, you can sit on the benches of this bridge and sit on autobahn with an endless move.

Masoudiya mansion

Masoudiya mansion is related to Qajar period and has been located in Baharestan square, Tehran and this trace (work) has been registered in the date of 17th January,1998 as one of Iran national traces.

Garden of Masoudiya mansion has been built with order of Madoud Mirza, ruler of Isfahan nicknamed the Zal-al-Sultan, son of Nasiral-Din Shah after Agha Mohammad in a field with extent about 400 m2 and composed of external (court house), internal and other accessories.

In fact, the name of this mansion retrieved from Masoud Mirza reputed to Masoudiya. Masoudiya mansion was witness of many events during his life years.

During the constitutional movement, it was one of constitutional bases and opponents of Muhammad Ali Shah regarding it’s nearby to Baharsten square and dispute of Zal-al-Sultan with his brother Mozafar al-Din Shah and his son. The first library and Iran national museum were established somewhere in the corner of this mansion.

Tehran’s Bam

Tehran’s Bam Town has been located in the northernmost part of Sa’ad Abad range and adjacent to Koya Faraz areas and above Behroud square. Therefore, the name of this town has been registered in the municipality of Tehran.

Several recreative and tourism areas  have been created around towers of this town because of getting to hillsides, northern heights of Tehran and nice weather that contain Boostan Flight and Jurassic park and also Hotel Spinase, also modern shopping center is establishing in this area. Tehran’s Bam town has been located in the northernmost part of Sa’ad Abad range.