things to do in kish island

things to do in kish island

Kish is one of traffic tourist aims in Iran country. This island in cold seasons has the best weather and will become many tourists acceptor

Things to do in Kish Island

Kish is one of traffic tourist aims in Iran country. This island in cold seasons has the best weather and will become many tourists acceptor. In the following, we review together things that you shouldn’t take no notice in your travel to this island with no excuse. Accompany us.

1.While sunset, visit Greek ship

Greek ship, from the same first that island was changed to one of Iran tourist poles, is symbol for island. Many people come to sunset beach for taking a photo by ship. This same that the part of beach was famous to sunset, also is not disconnected to Greek ship.

While sunset, sun lights shine behind the ship to the beach and make special and beautiful space and combination of it’s yellow, orange and red with blue sea, strsanded condition of ship.

Greek ship may seem very ancient. This is reality that this ship is neither Greek nor so old. When it strsanded while passing southern shore of island in 1966 years and attempts remained futile for returning to sea, anyone didn’t think it that someday will be so loved.

If you travel to Kish, enjoy visiting ship while sunset because there are many concerns on account of it’s demolition due to water flows and no one knows how long the guest of island is.

2.The first Dolphins park in Iran

If you are interested in Dolphins, travel to Kish is opportunity for visiting many of them next to each other. Dolphinarium or Kish Dolphins park is the first Dolphins Park in Iran, of course Dolphins are not only animals that wait you there. Kinds and varieties of infrequent equatorial birds live on the park, too. Attractiveness of seeing birds Dolphinarium is to their being free. Like many zoos, you will not be punished with conscience from seeing animals that have imprisonmented for tourist attraction. If you always have liked to know(that) what fishes are away from your seeing in depths of beautiful Persian Gulf water, in Dolphins park a big aquarium that is the biggest in Iran, will attract your attention(notice). If you travel with a child, Dolphins park  is aims that you shouldn’t forget it.

3.In ancient city of Harireh have opportunity of imagination to yourself

Ancient city of Harireh is not anything except ancient enclosure with plumes of soil for many people. But many people that are enthusiasts to archaeologist and history know this part of island the most beautiful and visit able place of Kish. Harireh had been meeting and passage place of many civilizations. City that gathered many merchants from India, china, middle Asia and Africa for commerce. This Harireh splendor is debtor of geographical situation of island in Persian Gulf water. With all effect that Harireh receive foreign guests, continuously has maintained it’s architecture and urbanization unity. Some residential unit, mosque, bath and industrial units have been recognized in Harireh that visiting them takes to previous centuries. Harireh is from those places that if your imagination is strong, takes yourself to history depths and it’s peak and glory era.

4.Quarter silence banyan shade from ablaze sun of island

Banyan trees are visible in anywhere of island .It’s enough to be sharp-sighted to recognize the form of their umbellate from far and go to them. Also this kind of trees are called Lour banyan can hundreds of years live. Some of these trees have antiquity more than six hundred years in Kish Island. Something that distinguishes them from other trees is their wonderful roots. Roots don’t need soil for absorbing water. They can absorb steam from air. Therefore each of tree branches itself is a root, too. Growth of these branches is downward instead of up. They come so low to reach to soil by and by and go inside and themselves add new caber. Appellation of banyan returns to Buddhists beliefs. They believe that Buddha meditates under banyan. Nowadays, these trees are also holy. For people of Iran and world.

5.Replace bicycle instead of car

Kish is from those islands that cycling is easy in it. From renting bicycle that is available very comfortable everywhere of island to smooth routes, it’s healthy and clean, sometimes, selecting bicycle instead of car, also can provide the best possibility for soul perception and energy commanding on the city except it’s being healthy. You can meet to cities, human and voices without intermediator. Something that will happen highly by an intermediator from behind the car glasses.

6.Don’t forget marine sports in rocky, sandy and coralloid shores

Jet Ski, jet boat, diving, Barasol umbrella, patrol with rapid and pedal boat and tens of other exciting sports are available in Kish. Sports that will be very attractive for excitement and adventurer and their presence change Kish to one of Iran tourist paradise for them.

7.Be acquaintance with beautiful nature underwater from inside boats of glassy bottom

Seeing nature underwater is old vision of many of us. Specially, if we are not so brave and assured that accede to diving. These boats have glassy body and join to sea easily without contact with a drop of water. Their route is continued from the shore to middle of water and passes different herbaceous and coralloid cover and provides possibility of seeing many fishes.