us citizen travel to iran

us citizen travel to iran

Travel to Iran as an American citizen may look complicated and dangerous but it is not. We are here to change these wrong beliefs and answer many questions that have been propounded about travel of a few our weeks ago to Iran

Us citizen travel to Iran

Travel to Iran as an American citizen may look complicated and dangerous but it is not. We are here to change these wrong beliefs and answer many questions that have been propounded about travel of a few our weeks ago to Iran. To report of Bulletin-News, Daniel nol and Audrey Scott: our purpose is following up this question and answer for replication to real readers’ questions and help to resolve ambiguity about process of travelling to Iran.

Do American citizenry have permission of travel to Iran and visit this country from view point of legal?

This is a current belief that Iran contains a position similar to Cuba (namely, travel to this country is illegal without special permission from government of United States. Although United States has applied many boycotts (sanctions) against Iran but in present, there isn’t any restriction for travel to Iran for American tourists and citizenry. In present, yearly about 1000-1500 Americans visit Iran.

Can Americans travel to Iran independently?

Iran government has ordered that the whole American tourists should travel to Iran with private guide or escort of tourism tours. Your Iranian guide will have guide and guidance justification of American citizens singularly and should be aware from each kind of regulations related to Iran government .Also if you want to travel like us independently, these regulations should not prevent you from this trip. We have experienced both group tours and private guide in Iran. In both cases, we had enough time again to travel with our desire and walk in the streets and market of Iran. We communicated with people in the street we ate the street food and even we were so fortunate that a couple invited us to their home.

How can an American citizen receive Iran tourist visa?

Generally Iran visa receipt is a process of two stages:

1) Receipt of travel license number from Ministry of foreign affairs.

2) Real tourist visa that is exported by Iran consulate Tourist Company that you select, do your administrative works. Only thing that you should do, is filling out the application form and it’s delivery to the same consulate of Iran that you have selected for visa receipt. Then you have to wait to summon you. Problem section of this process is license number receipt that usually takes 30 to 40 work days for American citizens. When you receive this number, no longer visa receipt is positive almost within 2 to 3 days. Our recommendation is that start process of visa receipt as soon as possible not to be involved in heart attack from worry about getting present late visa and not to get it until the morning of you flight, an event that actually happened for one of our tour travelers.

But there is Iran embassy in United States. How can I receive my visa?

Although Iran in Washington DC, doesn’t have official embassy but office of interest protectors is open at the embassy of Pakistan that visa request is delivered. If you don’t live in DC region, you should send passport, your application form and passport picture through post for example, custom posts, Federal Express (FedEx) along with envelope containing prepayment of return cost. If you want to travel like us, you can get your visa from Iran consulate in abroad. It’s only enough to identify the consulate location when applying for the license number. We were delivered our Iran tourist visa in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a relatively simple and effortless process, we recommend the same way. Just if you move a few days earlier to be present in the due date and issuance time of your visa in considered location. Tourist visa receipt cost of 20 days is 70 € Euros.

How do Iranians behave with us as American tourists?

People of Iran, often because we are American, we have can get Iran visa and visit their countries were surprised but when this act was set in their mind, they often welcomed us with the best possible exposure. Every things from friendly greet to smile and open bosom, presents and invitation to their house, especially when our guide, we suddenly out of reach. We said with joke that their welcoming and behavior were so warm and friendly that you feel that you are Rock star.

Travel to Iran: group tours or private guide?

That’s what you select group tours for travel to Iran, take private guide, most likely changes travel cost and method. We traveled with a group tour for two weeks then with a private guide, we finished travel third week. We enjoyed both experiences but each one had advantages and problems related to itself, has accompanied by it’s special advantages and weakness are potential. One of interesting points of travel behavior is a group that travels together along you. We were seven people, four people from United States, two people from Australia and one from Denmark that we, all were intimate together suddenly.

During travel with this tour relatively private, we had more free in determining travel plan and visits plan. However, having a private guide (that probably will be along you the whole times, depending on work method of guide and fettering him to rules) can be hard and almost shocking. However, it’s better to describe your wishes in both condition’s and find creative ways for help your guide until also he can meet your wishes. Remember that Iranian tourist company that support financial your visa, in total is responsible for your residing in Iran. Therefore you can’t interfere or accommodated tourist companies in combination of your travel plan.

What are US sanctions? Can I buy souvenir from Iran?

Any American can only bring up to 100% of Iranian goods to United States with him.

Well, does this means that you should restrict your shopping?

Ok. Not really. Many tradespeople give receipt to you with a rate less than your real shopping sum. Iran’s carpet, also is under US sanctions. So if your heart beats for Iran’s carpet, you need to find special carpets wholesale that have delegation or partner in Dubai (or every other pace in Middle East). In this way, they can send your carpet for you through partner settled in Dubai.

Can money be received from ATMs of banks in Iran? Can credit cards be used in Iran?

Iranian banks are also under international sanctions. So although Iran is full of bank and ATM’s but you can’t receive money from systems. So money of every work should be done with cash money. So remember that enough cash money of dollar (or Euro) have along you until you can exchange agiotages of main big cities. Of course exchange rate in these agiotages is 20% higher than Iran banks. Also don’t count on your credit card. Only some supermarkets of Iran carpet and souvenir accept credit cards and transaction routs via trading with a partner in Dubai or other countries of Middle East.