vakil mosque

vakil mosque

In the western Vakil market and at the end of the Shamshir girha, a very beautiful mosque was built, known as Soltani Vakil mosque or Vakil mosque.

vakil mosque

Vakil mosque who is located on the alleyways of Shiraz and in the west of the vakil market, calling on tourists to see his beauty.

Vakil mosque, also known as Vakil Jame Mosque, is a valuable asset of the Zandieh era, located in the Darbe Shahzadeh in Ayatollah Taleghani Ave   between Vakil bath and market. This beautiful mosque is important in term of artistic and architectural aspects in 1187 AH and at the same time as the construction of the vakil market square was ordered by Karim Khan.

The vakil mosque of Shiraz has a total area of ​​11,000 square meters and an substructure of ​​8660 meters. Architectural and archaeological investigations show that the length and width of the mosque are 120 and 80 meters, and some believe that the area of ​​the mosque is 9600 square meters.

The courtyard and mosque area with its porches are 8000 square meters; about 3000 meters porches and 5,000 square meters in the courtyards. The area of ​​the mosque courtyard reaches 3600 square meters and dormitory has an area of ​​2,700 square meters .

There is not the name of the architect in the historical sources, however, Forsat -AL Dolah Shirazi identifies one of his ancestors, Mirza Nasir, as the designer of the building. Since Mirza Nasir was Hakim Bashi of Karim Khan Zand, the truth of this claim is still in ambiguity.

The mosque has two lobbies and has two south and eastern shabestans. The various parts of this monument are: an entrance, the hallway, the courtyard, the large shabestan, the winter nursery, the altar, the marble pulpit, the courtyard, backyard, the two vaults, the pearl vault.

The southern nave with integrated monolithic and spiral columns is one of the architectural features of Iranian architecture and is one of the most prominent parts of the mosque, which has 48 integrated stone columns.  This nave is about 5,000 square meters, and the 14th step of a monolithic marble step is one of the beauties of the nave.

Although entire architecture of the Vakil mosque , especially its unique strength, is significant, but the building of its three magnificent  vaults, the entrance vault ,Morvarid vault and  entrance vault to the great nave, are architectural masterpieces, and such a magnificent arch, less built in Shiraz.

The Morvarid vault is a large and important vault is made on the north side of the mosque and is written one of the Qur’anic sura in the round of this arch with white color Sols and Naskh calligraphy. Crater of this vault with its double sides is 40 meters and has a height of 20 meters.

Inscriptions, written in the Sols and, Naskh and Nastaliq calligraphy are unparalleled in their kind, especially Sol’s calligraphy in the great arches and the altar, written with a large pen.

Unique decorations of this mosque include: stunning tiling, carvings on 48 columns of shabestan, large pool and integrated marble pulpit. At first glance and with a little careful attention you can notice special the architecture and design of this mosque, a plan that displays a tangible harmony between the worldly beauties and religious culture of the people of that era.

This mosque is built based on the traditional architecture of this land and is located in a social complex. The simplicity of the images and architectural lines used in the construction of this mosque is also commendable, and the use of various Iranian colors and arts on walls and sections has created a wonderful collection.

For example, the tiles of the vaults foreheads  and facets, especially the seven-colored tiles of three large arches made with interesting colors, with beautiful flowers and beautiful Salimi and Toranj  lines on  various backgrounds, reflect this subject. The design of  Lachakis on the vaults is also more beautiful and interesting, and is a masterpiece of art of painting and tile work.

After passing through the entrance to the mosque, 2 corridors are seen to the left and right after a few meters with angles of approximately 90 degrees to the courtyard of the mosque. It is made of two wooden pieces that are related to the Zand era.

Each piece is 8 meters high and 3 meters wide, and beautiful designs are created on it. The mosque’s architects have been connecting the corridors to the courtyard of the mosque in order to ensure that the qibla of the mosque conforms to the religious qibla and the mosque’s facade with the lateral doors of the bazaar and the market itself, which, at the same time, does not indicate the angle of the courtyard. This monument, numbered 182, was registered on November 9, 1932, in the National Iranian Book List and is under the care and protection of this organization