what to buy in iran

What to buy in Iran

Each city in Iran has its special souvenirs. The most famous Iran souvenirs that usually purchase foreign tourists, are artistic crafts that have been made with love and interest of their creators and with so much effort

What to buy in Iran

What to buy in Iran

Each city in Iran has its special souvenirs. The most famous Iran souvenirs that usually purchase foreign tourists, are artistic crafts that have been made with love and interest of their creators and with so much effort. It’s enough to walk in one of historic markets of Iran to meet with hundreds kinds of special and unique souvenirs of that area. In this matter we have provided a list of the best and the hottest Iran souvenirs for you.Souvenirs that usually foreign tourists purchase in their travel to Iran and take to their countries with themselves as souvenir (memento).

Souvenir is different in each city that you visit. For example felting fabrics clothes of Isfahan that are produced with geometrical designs and flowers and plant, are the most famous Iran souvenirs and have many adherents among foreigners. Patch work fabrics are also souvenirs of special for Kerman city, decorative clothes from the kind of wool that are painted by hand knitted and natural colors. Cashmere that also all of you know. This cloth that is produced in the different forms such as wallet, shoes, table-cloth and even jewels box are counted the most famous historic Yazd city crafts. Generally these hand knitted clothes and colored are the most famous Iran souvenirs among tourists.

Giveh (light cotton summer shoes)

Giveh is a traditional foot gear (footwear) in Iran that is observed more in mountainous areas of Zagros Mountains including Kermanshah. The most desirable kind of these tradition shoes are produced usually from leathern scoria and fabricated wool cover. In summer season, Giveh (kind of summer shoes) are used by people highly. Fortunately, young artists of western cities of Iran, again have attracted young persons to this material inheritance of the country. Of course foreign tourists don’t buy these shoes for wearing. They hang these unique art works of the wall and (or) their house shelves and remember reach culture of Iran with seeing them.

Iranian hand knitted carpet

Iranian hand knitted rugs and carpets are the hottest Iranian souvenirs These carpets usually have many prices but if you are from somebodies that don’t have ability of purchasing the best kind of Iranian hand knitted carpet, you can purchase a smaller and cheaper something like Galim (short-napped coarse carpet) or a Gabbeh. Foreign tourists usually buy small rugs or carpet until they can place in their suitcase easily.


As you travel to Isfahan, you will understand that why the title of this city is half world. It’s not wonderful that the most famous Iran crafts have come out of the city. One of the most famous Iran souvenirs and specially Isfahan is enameling. Enameling works (effects) are copper dishes that decorate their their surface by birds and miniature flowers to beauty .One work (effect) is usually blue but it’s green and red colors are found in market too. In market of Isfahan and some of Iran cities, you can prepare vases, plates, cup and other enameled decorative equipment. Enameling is another kind of full of adherent of Iranian among tourists.


Inlay is the most famous wooden crafts of Iran. Inlay artists create works with combination of wood, metal and bone that bedazzle eyes of each viewer. Usually these works (traces) include jewels box, picture-dish, and backgammon and so on that have been decorated to beauty. Foreign tourists usually purchase Iran lay as souvenirs and present for friends and their family.

Earthen dishes

When tourists visit ancient Iran museum in Tehran, find out importance and high antiquity of pottery in Iran. Many of them, upon exit of this museum, want their guide that take them to a shopping center for purchasing Iranian cruse. Cities such as Laljin of Hamadan, Meybod, Natanz are the most famous cities that earthen industry propounds in them. Earthen dishes are one of the most popular Iran souvenirs.

Tamarisk and almond toffee of Isfahan

From past to now, Isfahan has been crafts cradle of Iran. In this city, art of artificers hand and artists have been transferred to the next generations with method of professor-pupil and tourists are witness valuable traces in old Isfahan market. Except crafts, Isfahan has special foods and sweetmeat that everyone travels to Isfahan buy them.

Tamarsik and almond toffee of Isfahan are souvenirs of this province that have many adherents even among tourists. Ordinary tamarisk or fioury tamarisk is sold (off) in Isfahan with different brands and great qualities in tamarisk shop near square of the world painting or Isfahan Jolfa neighborhood. In addition to the mentioned cases, many of tourists that travel to Iran, follow traditional tea services and also engraved dishes of gold, silver, copper and bronze. Cases that were propounded in this matter, are only a corner of countless crafts of Iran that foreign tourists are very interested in them.