yazd tourism

yazd tourism

Yazd, Iran desert city, the city of limitless historical charms (attractiveness's), the city that now not a work of it but completely has been recorded and is located in the list of UNESCO world heritage.

Yazd city, the second historic city of the world has the best tourism, historic attractions and   many cultural heritages that each one of them can be an unique attraction solely for visiting tourists and lovers of cultural heritages and Iran and world history.

This city has obtained many titles during the history that each one has high semantic load. Some of these titles are “louvers city”, “Dar Al Fadeh”, “DarAl alim”: Darulammel “,”Hosseiniyeh Iran”, “Qanat, Ghannot, and refuge city”, “city of sweets”, city of Bicycles”, ” city of fire and sunshine”.

Yazd city contains many historic, religious, natural and recreative attractions that every year attracts many tourists from all over the world to itself. In the following, some of these tourism attractions have been pointed:

yazd attractions

 Dolat Abad Garden

Mohammad Taqi Khan is famous to the great Khan that was the head of the Khans dynasty of Yazd during Zandy’s time, first he created a Qanat in the name of Dolat Abad, after that he established “Dolat Abad Garden” mansion along it. Also this building has been this mighty governor’s residency.

This building a collection of several mansions including: puddle and louver, Paradise ritual, Mirror room, main hall and south side. The greenery of this garden contains pine, cedar trees, Mohammadi Rose, fruit trees especially grapes and pomegranates. The most significant feature of this building is it’s louver of 33/8 meter that is counted the highest world louvers.

Ziaya School (Alexander’s prison)

Ziaya School famous to Alexander’s prison is “Maulana Ziauddin Hossein Razi’s works that based it in 631 year AH and it’s building was finished by his sons in 705 year AH. School nursery has an alter and around the school has been built porches. Adhesive dome of this building shows off with stucco decorations and watercolor painting on the heights of this building that is a sample of architecture of Mogul period in Iran.

Catholic mosque of Yazd

Catholic mosque of Yazd is a very beautiful building in Imam Khomeini square of Yazd city that is a veranda bedchamber and big apron, this mosque has six inputs and is one of masterpieces of architecture art in Iran. It is said that the foundations of this mosque has been built by the Sasanians and continuation of it’s structure has lasted to the next periods until the Timurid time.

Zainuddin Caravanserai

With travelling 60 kilometers in Yazd -Kerman road, you arrive at a caravanserai namely Zainuddin, a place that is a part of Yazd tourist places and has a circle shape. This caravanserai has antiquity about 400 years and is from brick and it is interesting you know that won the best remodeled building from UNESCO.

Fire temple (Varharam fire)

The current structure of the fire temple was built in 1934 with the help and financial assistance of the Zoroastrians of Yazd and Persians of India. The fire temple building with a beautiful architecture derived from Achaemenian period is located in the center of a large and green courtyard, and in the high place and the symbol of “Foruhar” is apparent on the forehead of the mansion.

The significance of a fire temple is in the antiquity of fire within it, which has been said to have been blazing and protected for about 1520 years ago. (Varharam Fire) kept inside the brass manger and in a special room, between the fire temple building and above the surface of the earth, away from wind, rain and sun radiation.

A cistern with six wind tower

It is an old water reservoir with six wind tower located in the yazd hill neighborhood. The building has two entrances in the north and south and a reservoir .the reservoir of the cistern has an ovoid dome.

This water storage has 55 steps, and there is a porch with brick pavement between the steps 25 and 26 from above and the arch of water storage begins after this porch. The adobe barrel vault with brick facade and the large roof of the water reservoir are important features of this water storage, built in 2000 by Haji Hossein Mirallah.

Amir chakhmaq complex

One of the attractions of Yazd city is square and actually Amir Chakhmaq collection that has been formed square, reliance, mosque, market and lavers.

Amir Jalal-o-Din chakhmaq was appointed to Yazd by Shahrokh during the Timurid period. he built in this place some small squares and the water storage, khanqah, school, caravansary,  wells, the market and most importantly, the Amir Chakhmaq mosque around it with the help of  Fatemeh Khatoon, his wife.

This square belongs to ninth century of hejira and is one of the most beautiful historic manifestations of this city, as far as you can say that has been changed to a symbol of it. Amir Chakhmaq collection is counted from the most original Yazd tourist places.

yazd sightseeing

Larrys’ house

Built history of this historic house is belonged to Qajar period and is located in Khahadan neighborhood of Yazd city. Larrys’ house building has been built regarding general style of luxurious house of it’s period, namely it’s a house with two parts of inside and outside, yard in center and northern parts is used as winter and southern parts as summer that contains hall and louver. Eastern side that is north of mirror room, kitchen, cellar and other spaces, is used as fall and western side is used as sleeping-porch. Now, this house is documents and records museum.

Narin castle (orange fortress)

This building is famous to orange fortress and is counted one of the most important historic traces (works) before Islam in Yazd province. This old fortress is overlooking on top of the hill on Meibod city, the whole building of it have been built brick and clay and it’s architecture is in form of layer.

It has been built almost in 5 stages. The oldest part of the building is spaces that plotted in the heart of the earth and in the local dialect, they are called Bokan and form the lowest part of it.

Meibod Chaparkhaneh

Chaparkhaneh record in Iran reaches to Achamenians period .These centers are used as exchanges stations. The task of Chaparkhas had been to preserve and treat the horse and fresh airy breath courier for sending and fast exchange of letters and important parcels. Therefore, Chaparkhas have been built as a castle to be possible defence and protection of it.