yazd weather

yazd weather

Yazd province has been located in the territory of the mountains range of Iran and has been formed lowness and highness and pits and multiple desert pans

yazd weather

Yazd province has been located in the territory of the mountains range of Iran and has been formed lowness and highness and pits and multiple desert pans. These inequalities are mainly divided to five groups of mountainous, foot hill, plains and fields, deserts, salty regions and salt deserts and sand hills.

In Yazd province level, there are two mountain ranges distinct from each other. One is part of mountains that pass in side of north-western- south-eastern from Iran center and are famous to Iran’s central mountains and second contains mountains range that are located in central, northern and eastern regions of province.

Shirkooh mountain range like a wall separates central parts of Yazd province from western part of province hole (Aberdeen).These heights that have been covered of snow and ice. Continental has two basic and main reasons:

One that is located over world dry cingulum and other that is far from free seas of Oman and Persian Gulf and inside lakes and marine humidity winds.

Important factor of relative moderation of Yazd weather that has given relatively suitable existence capability to it, is the heights that more influence as topical and this affair has caused (that) regions that are located in the heights over 2500 meters are enjoying more moderation and humidity rather than Yazd and Ardakan plains.

yazd climate

Yazd has been located in dry and semi-dry of northern hemisphere. Yazd city has been located in an extensive and dry valley and closed between Shirkooh and Kharanagh mountain ranges.

More than 5/84% area of Yazd province is desert and only thing less than 16% of those areas is non- desert. The number of days that are possible to rain, are 23 days in a year. Sunny hours in Yazd are on average, 3052 hours and days of it is non sunny are on average 60 days.

The most severe winds usually blew from western sector and the largest digit (number) that has been recorded had been 120 kilometer in an hour. The power of windy erosion is so that it is counted one of the most important change factors of forming earth. Effects and symptom of this erosion are observable in extensive areas of province from the high plains to desert posts.

Yazd city is one of the least precipitation cities in the country. So that frequently, in statistics and news, rain of this city has been announced the lowest rate in Iran country. The rate of rainfall is on average 2/61 millimeter, yearly.

yazd iran weather

Temperature oscillation in winter and summer and even day and night is very much and this is counted from climate features of the region from this look, it can be said:

Yazd contains two seasons, long heat season(from March to October) and short cold season(from November to the end of February), since Yazd is a desert region, so it has desert and hot and dry weather, since it is a hot region, it’s better that you go to it in the cool and cold seasons of the year.

The best time for travel to Yazd, however it has been located hot and dry region is treated beginning fall, winter and spring because of weather condition. Traveling in summer to this city and it’s around the deserts is not recommend.

Maximum temperature is variable 45°C above zero and the least heat, 20 °C below zero. The average daily temperature is variable between 9/11 to 7/20°C for all year.

In consideration related to a period of eight years (1984-1992), average temperature equals to 18/9°c has been reported. Maximum absolute temperature in July month equals to 43°c and minimum of it in January month equals to _2/7°c have been reported and difference of annual temperature, Yazd neighborhood is 50°c.

Except mountainous region of Shirkooh, other places of Yazd province has hot and dry and desert climate that gets driyer from west and south-western to north-eastern and east. In the same way, Yazd province weather contains cold and relatively humid winters and hot and long and dry summers because of positioning in the world dry cingulum. In summer days, Shirkooh countries is shelter of suns truck people of this province.